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Anti-bacterial Screens – How Can They Help

Especially with the hard time the world has had with COVID-19, the awareness of germs and bacteria is higher than ever. We want to feel safe and know we’re taking the right steps to ease back into the world as we know it. To say we’re more alert is most probably an understatement.

In the recent years, screens deemed as medical screens have become extremely versatile and have found themselves in offices, hallways, shopping centres – and we don’t want it to end. There’s nothing better than seeing a multifunctional screen and showing all the different ways it can be used.

Easy clean screens, in the form of acrylic and white gloss laminate have been a god send. Being able to keep others safe was the main agenda, and they both did a good job.

Acrylic screening is a fantastic concept as it’s protective, clear and suits any space. Clear acrylic won’t restrict any light, create a dull working space or limit visibility. Essentially, the space appears the same, except a 3mm acrylic divides the desktop.

What’s more modern that acrylic? Without the use of old fashioned design and fabric weaves, the acrylic skips that step. A desktop divider without colour must suit any space so there’s no limitations.

White gloss laminate and anti-bacterial screening have been a popular choice in the healthcare sector, and for good reason. Dividers need to be easily cleaned, sanitised with bleach based cleaning products to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading, and this is where the Laminate screens come into a league of their own.

If that’s not enough, the white gloss finish accepts drywipe pens, functioning as a whiteboard. In a busy ward, meeting room or teaching space the presence of the white board feature could be really useful.

The Anti-bacterial Screens are innovative and bring a new technology in to play. Whereas the laminate option can be cleaned with cleaning products, the anti-bacterial option doesn’t need it. The material has been treated and when in contact with germs and bacteria, the material will stunt the growth.

Going even further the treated fabric is resistant to blood and urine for medical sectors. There’s a stigma that medical is white, sterile and slightly boring, but we don’t believe this has to be the case.

Vibrant, bold and creative colours have been used. Encouraging environments to express themselves and show something different. Anti-bac screens are lightweight, multipurpose and bring a whole new look to a once dull screen concept.