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Sustainable Exhibition Displays

On the market you’ll be able to find an enormous selection of exhibition stand designs in all shape, sizes and materials. From small to large, basic to expert and from standard to recyclable.

The recyclable yet reusable aspect is making its mark in the exhibition industry and provides a great alternative for the eco minded individuals. Taking small steps into the green and eco display market is a great way to get to grips with the different materials and how they can best support you during your event.

Re-think the display stand

Pop up exhibition stands are the go-to option, and this is for several reasons. Firstly, they are well known and have built a well-deserved reputation with exhibiters. Secondly, the design is easy to use and requires little time to build. Lastly, the reusable and reliability aspects are second to none and the display could last for many events & years!

Whilst the Pop Up Stand is a fantastic option, it’s never too late to try something new and push your brand with a new innovative display solution.

Could this solution be bigger, better, & green?

In 2022, we’re more aware of making better decisions for our planet. Currently this comes in the form of recycling more, using less single use products and making a conscious effort into materials used in our favourite products. It was only a matter of time before the exhibition industry caught up with this notion.


Eco-friendly exhibition displays present an alternate solution and come in a variety of options. Cardboard are the most common varieties on the market and can be used to create a backdrop, banner and custom made cut outs.

When opting for the 4.5mm banners or stands, just bear in mind the longevity. The display will definitely have the eco edge, but care must be taken when the products are being built, dismantled, transported and stored. By taking more care, the display products will last even longer.

Due to the material being a standard card, 100% of the stand is recyclable too! At the end of the event if you no longer wish to keep the stand, all you have to do is use the onsite recycling bins.

Xanita Board

For bigger, bolder and custom made exhibition stands, it’s without a doubt Xanita Board is the way to go. Made with a closed cell core for maximum strength, the eco-friendly board offers structure like no other and can hold plenty of weight. Xanita is 100% re-pulpable, recyclable and sustainable and is extremely light for the benefits it holds.

The strength of the eco-friendly board opens new possibilities, and this is where the unique fibre board thrives.

Need an arch? No problem. Require shelves, counters & accessories? It has you covered.

There’s so much potential with a Xanita Board exhibition stand that can take an exhibition to a brand new level and pack a punch in the ever competitive exhibition hall.

Don’t let the eco-friendly title give the illusion of a lesser stand. With the sustainable materials, custom branding and a vision for your event, you’ll be part of the bigger picture.