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What can an explainer video do for you?

Customers who are able to watch an explainer video are more likely than those who don’t. Why? Because animated explainer video help us make informed choices without needing to look through endless features. 87% use video content for promoting campaigns.
Let’s first discuss what you need to know to make animated video.
Know Your Audience

Without knowing the buying patterns and behavior of your target audience, you can’t begin. Knowing how your customers think is crucial for any business or company. Understanding the basics is key before you partner with an animated video production firm.

It is important to know the personality and traits of your target consumer. This allows you to create animated videos for your business. This could include a collection of images with quirky jokes and background music or a serious script that features a professional voice-over. It all depends on your audience’s preferences and values.

You can learn about their problems and create a solution that will work for you. Your video should be based on their most pressing problems. Customers will watch explainer videos that address their most common problems and be more open to hearing your solutions.

Keep it Simple

You may have noticed that animated explainer video are not always the most complicated. We like simple things. It is not worth creating boring videos that overwhelm users with irrelevant references and information. Even your most loyal customers won’t watch or share it.

You can focus on one product or the solution to it and then weave your video around it. Once you’re done, your viewer should be able describe the essence of your video within a single sentence. That is your starting point.
Optimize Video Time

Your animated video for 1 minute could be worth 1.8million words. Your explainer video should average between 1 to 2 minutes. If that seems like a long time, you might consider watching longer videos of up to 5 minutes. You are more likely to leave the video halfway through unless you are viewing a really good video. This is because custom animated promotional videos work best as teasers.

Your explainer videos are intended to educate your audience. A good production is different from a bad one. Users might choose to skip longer videos if they are not interested in the main point.

A explainer video also encourages future action. You can leave them wanting more if you leave them wanting more.
Make a Script That Works

You can do it if your in-house video production team is capable of creating a compelling explainer video script that connects with your audience. Trust in the abilities of professional video production teams if you don’t. You need to consider many factors when creating the perfect script. You will need to write about 200 words for explainer videos that are between 30 and 90 seconds long.

It doesn’t take much content to make a video that is only 1 or 2 minutes long. Marketing and animation experts agree that 150 words per minute is a good word count to get you started on your project. These four sections will help you organize your script.

How it works
Action is required

These are only guidelines. You are free to come up with your own ideas, or use this template as a starting point.

Although it’s true that today’s customers are forgetful, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t forgiving. Bad writing or a humorous tagline can do you more harm than it seems. Storytelling is one of the most secure ways to create an animated explainer video.

Stories engage and share the human side to your company. This creates a stronger connection between you and your audience.

Once you’ve finished all of these steps, it’s now time to find the best company to create your animated explainer.
How to Choose the Best Video Production Company

Most businesses don’t have separate marketing departments. Even if they had one, they would still need an explainer video company with experience and a great reputation in the creation of professional animated explainer clips.

Do not settle for a poor company when you outsource your video production.

Before you make a decision on which production company to use, it is worth looking at a variety of options. You can work with some production companies from the beginning of your project to completion, while others may do only the animation.

Your internal resources will give you an idea of how to proceed with your project. With the help of a competent marketing team, you can develop the concept, message and script for your explainer videos. There are professional video production companies who can help you create compelling explainer videos if you don’t know where you should start.

Collaboration is possible, but it can be difficult to manage too many cooks.

Avoid making rash choices and do your research about the company. A production company should be able to create original videos that are tailored to the business’ needs. To be a success with your target users, every business idea will require a unique approach.
Benefits of Explainer Videos

These are some of your best results once you’ve created an animated explainer video.
Incredible Conversion Rates

Explainer videos increase the likelihood that people will buy your products and get in touch with you customer service. Explainer videos are essential to all your marketing campaigns. Your video’s popularity attracts potential customers and encourages engagement.

Promotional Offers for Products

It can be hard to convince potential customers to act on your long and complex descriptions. The animated product videos remove the guesswork and highlight the best features of your product or service without making the customer buy.
Trigger Interest

Companies are increasingly using social signals to promote products and services. Businesses use images and videos to spread the word about their services and generate interest. Today 64% of consumers would consider purchasing a product if they had seen a video.

Customers are more likely to recall an explainer clip that depicts a fictional story of a buyer who is struggling with a problem but ultimately purchases the brand’s solution.
Get a better ranking

We all know how bad stale content can be for your company’s reputation. No longer are websites cluttered with endless sections and a lot of content. Websites that display information using graphs and images are preferred by established brands. A website that is informative and user-friendly will get a higher ranking.
More Traffic

Small and medium-sized businesses dream of making a viral video. You can make or lose your business with popular videos. There is no single formula for creating a viral explainer video. However, the most creative videos will likely be instant hits with your target users. This will result in more visitors to your website and social networks.

Capture Your Audience

The brain retains less of the things we hear, but more what we see and hear. It is important to show your users the best features and benefits of your products using animated explainer videos.

Your followers can share your videos to increase traffic. Word of mouth advertising is still one the best ways of attracting more customers.

To explain the features and benefits of your products, you don’t have to use pamphlets or powerpoint tutorials. You only need a well-written script and a professionally produced video in order to engage your customers immediately. A animated explainer video can be a powerful tool to help you promote a new service, or relaunch a complex product.
Increase your Followers

Vimeo and YouTube allow you to upload explainer videos to your website or social media channels. You can create your own company channel and upload your videos on these video streaming giants. These sites also support smartphones, so sharing is quick and easy.
You can create your personal brand

An explainer video will help you establish yourself in your niche. Professional explainer video production can add credibility to your brand, and strengthen your online reputation.

Average consumers can easily identify you and will likely initiate an action to find out more about your product. Your explainer video could create virtual connections with thousands of users that can lead to meaningful relationships.

Explainer videos are a great way to increase traffic and sales. They also help you promote your brand. Instead of focusing solely on product descriptions and reviews, explainer videos allow your viewers to make a purchase based on your video. This is why animated explainer video advertising can be so effective for businesses around the globe.