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Advantages of Children’s Tables and Chairs

“I could do this all by my own!” is one of the most frequently heard phrases around my house. My daughter is beginning to be able to complete tasks on her own at just 20 months and my son, who is approaching 18 of my kids are pulling me away as they develop increasing independence. To foster and promote their independence it is essential that, being parents create an environment that is safe and provides the tools needed for children to be successful.

Imagine how challenging life will be for your kids as they begin to learn how to do things by themselves, but the things they do are too high or too large for their height or size. This is why having a kid-sized table and chair set is essential to the development of our children into self-sufficient human beings. Let’s examine the advantages of having kids wooden tables and chairs.

Benefits of children’s Tables and chairs

1. Learns practical life skills and table behavior:

Children can assist in setting the table prior to meals and then clean and clear the table following mealtime. My kids love cleaning the table, and they even spend time checking all the items to ensure that they remove all the soiled spots off the chairs and table.

2. Allows for quiet time:

The table isn’t just intended for only dinnertimes. My children love making crafts and arts and playing with playdough working on their writing skills as well as reading and more. Instead of being cave dwellers and wrecking the home, my children can sit at the table and engage in some of their own activities. This lets mommy remain calm … for the majority of the day , anyway.

3. Encourages good posture and ease of movement:

Imagine sitting there with your legs hanging out at all times while eating. I’m sure I wouldn’t be relaxed!

Small chairs permit children to rest their legs on the floor and their backs to the seat (as contrast to a booster which does not provide rear support). Additionally, children can alter their distance from the table, so that they do not strain their backs or shoulders to get their food.

4. In support of independence:

The kids are able to sit down on and off the chairs by themselves. Instead of requiring adults to assist them in getting in the booster chair or the high chair to eat or play They are now able to make their own choices regarding when and when to eat and do, since they have a space where to sit and eat food or perform their tasks. For instance, if my children are looking drawing, they can take the paper and crayons, and then sit at a table for a quiet art time.

5. Fosters healthy interactions between siblings:

My little girl follows her brother everywhere, wanting to take part in every thing that he does. Most of the times it is when she attempts to disrupt what he’s doing or because he doesn’t want her being in his private space.

Sitting everyone in a seat allows the children to play at an identical table yet each having a space to claim as their own. Instead of having the sibling with the bigger sibling in an elevated seat at the adult table , and the smaller toddler crying because she cannot observe what the other child is performing from the floor, a smaller table is able to even out playfield.