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Choosing The Best Travel Trailer Accessories

The road trip of your first camping adventure can be like a dream that comes real. However, once you get to the campground, you might realize that you should have prepared a few items to help your trip go smoothly.
Before you go camping we’ll look at extra equipment that will help you save time and effort. We’ve collected information about the items for your travel trailer that you may not have known you needed.
What Do a New RV Owner Need

Every kind of recreational vehicle requires particular items. A variety of items are essential for all RV types. The majority of them fall into the category of water system equipment, like a freshwater hose as well as tank treatment.

A surge protector is also essential for your electrical system. Also, keep spare fuse and light bulbs in your bag. These accessories can make or break your camping adventure. Take note of them.

What Are the Must-Haves for a Travel Trailer?

There are a few equipment requirements for the RVs of the class travel trailer. Fifth-wheel trailers and pull-behind models require stabilizers. Motorhomes may only occasionally require the support of blocks for leveling. Levelers with automatic technology are available on modern travel trailers.

The most significant distinction between travel trailers and campers is how they are transported to a camping site. For example, you need tow hitches on a truck or SUV for a trailer, whereas a fifth wheel requires a hitch that is mounted on the bed of the truck.

Some trailers and fifth wheels do not have an alternate power source like most motorhomes. It is possible that you will need to buy a generator that is specific to your vehicle. That is a large purchase, in comparison to the other accessories we’ve recommended below, and it should carry some weight when you first purchase your trailer.

When considering purchasing a travel trailer, consider the other accessories you’ll need to buy to go with it. These essential accessories can make your visit to the campsite more enjoyable.

1. 30 Amp Surge Protector

Protecting your electrical system is of paramount importance, as a random lightning strike or power surge can render your electrical system useless. Surge protectors can be used to monitor the ‘clean’ electricity that is coming from electrical poles and report on the amp draw and voltage.

Surge protectors can cut off electrical current if they become unstable. This could save your wiring and appliances and are an essential when shopping for trailer kits & accessories.

2. RV Leveling Ramp Blocks

These leveling blocks specifically designed for travel trailers assist in leveling your rig and also act as chock blocks between the two axles.

They feature a non-slip design and have anti-slip mats that you can place under them.

3. 90-Degree Hose Elbow

For trailers that have an outside water intake fitting A 90-degree elbow for hoses can alleviate some of the stress of taking the hose off and on. The elbow joint will take most of the pressure of unscrewing and screwing the hose.

This brass elbow features an easy connector to hold.

4. Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Every campsite experiences a change in pressure of water. It’s not worth worrying about damaging the water system. To avoid high water pressure blowouts, you’ll need a reliable pressure regulator.

The valve comes with a gauge which shows the factory-set PSI permitted, but you can easily adjust the pressure with the use of a screwdriver.

5. 50-foot drinking water hose for drinking

If you intend to fill your tank with water or utilize the water from your campground for your trailer for travel, you will require a freshwater hose. Keep your drinking and freshwater water lines separate from your sewer supply.

For this reason, you’ll require a distinct colored drinking hose that distinguishes it from any other that you may use to clean out your drain.

6. RV Sewer Hose Support

Your sewer hose must be secured from the ground in the majority of campgrounds that have complete hookups. An RV sewer hose support will do just that and is a crucial accessory for your RV. It angles the hose downhill to let gravity do its work. It shields the hose from punctures and damage.

7. Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment

New campers may have black tank odors on their minds as they head out on a camping trip. Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment could help you avoid this problem.

This neutralizer of odors reduces the perfume smell but does not cling to the scents. It also helps to help to liquefy waste and is effective in temperatures that are extremely high.

8. 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit

The task of emptying your black tank is not something which anyone would like to do. However, this Camco Rhino FLEX sewer kit makes it easy and simple. The kit includes two 10′ collapsible sewer hoses that you can connect to extend the length.

9. Dish Dryer Rack Collapsible

If your travel trailer has the kitchen sink, you might not think you’ll need this drying rack that folds down. The rack can be removed out of your travel trailer at a moment’s notice in case you are limited on space.

10. Convertible measuring cups and spoons

And while on the topic of collapsible products, why not pick up some collapsible measuring cups? The majority of RVers appreciate anything that becomes smaller as you store it.

There are a myriad of accessories to your travel trailer.

There is no doubt that a lot of these things are essential for the cleanliness of your campsite. We threw in a few helpful things in the hope that they will help you travel with more ease and a little less stress when you travel. You’ve probably realized that camping equipment is essential to any travel trailer.