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Fireworks scare us—that’s why we love them

One of the most important elements to incorporate in celebrations is fireworks. Fireworks can be a great way to make people feel joyful and emotional. They boost the mood of people and allows them to get the most enjoyment from the occasion. The great thing with fireworks is that they come in diverse types of fireworks for different occasions. Wedding fireworks and sparklers are just two of them, and birthday celebrations incorporate fireworks in their plans.

In America in the United States, the Fourth of July is one of the public holidays that is always marked by fireworks. Having fireworks on this day is a great way to finish off an Independence Day celebration. The people take to the sun and set up their boats on the pier and enjoy a day full of barbeque and drinks, as well as fireworks.

While in the UK there are many occasions when fireworks are a included in the festivities. These kinds of events are called bonfire nights and usually attract a lot of people. One of the most popular bonfire evenings that take place in the UK is Guy Fawkes Night, an celebration of the day when the plot of blowing up Parliament’s House of Parliament was discovered.

These celebrations typically feature fireworks that go off for hours to elevate people’s spirits and set them in an incredibly pleasant mood. What makes fireworks unique? Why are we smiling whenever we see them go off? Here’s the reason we are happy when we see fireworks:

It gives us a certain sensation

The sensation you feel when you watch fireworks is what makes you experience various emotions. When, for instance, wedding fireworks are set off, you are able to feel the joy and love that is associated with that event.

During Guy Fawkes, you get feelings of thankfulness for a failed effort to take over the Parliament. Furthermore, during New Year’s day, you feel a sense of gratitude for the new year’s beginnings. This is why people tend to be more emotional on New Years day as it’s an opportunity for a fresh start, with new opportunities and possibilities and fireworks can trigger these feelings.

It’s the feeling that brings joy

In addition to the fact that you’re celebrating an event, fireworks can take you back to the past and bring memories of happy times. When you see fireworks, you may feel nostalgic as there is something about explosions in the sky that can create these feelings.

Most people are exposed to fireworks at a very young age. When you’re young and see these spectacular and stunning fireworks, they will remain in your thoughts for a lifetime. You’re not just keeping a visual memory however, but also the emotions you felt at the time. This is why , as you get older, fireworks have the ability to tug at your heartstrings, and making you feel nostalgic.


One way to make your celebration memorable is by incorporating fireworks to your celebration. These colorful fireworks will not only bring some excitement to your celebration; it can also trigger feelings of joy with those that you’re celebrating with. If you’re in the market for fireworks, local fireworks stores will often have a wide range of fireworks and sales representatives that can assist you in deciding what to buy. You can give your family and friends an unforgettable evening! Enhance your celebration with flashes of light and color through fireworks.

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