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How to choose a tent

In case you’re going camping, or maybe backpacking, you are going to need to use a tent to sleep in in case you’re planning to spend a complete day outside. What must you consider when you are prepared to purchase a tent? There are a number of choices so how can you begin choosing a tent?

Let us take a look at several of the points you need to understand when looking for a tent.

What kind of camping are you undertaking: are you camping in a provincial park, or are you camping in the remote backcountry?
Number of people: Do you want additional space in your tent or perhaps have you been alright with a snug fit?
Choose a tent which is ideal for the season as well as the weather.
Tents are available in a number of types, from basic to very deluxe. You have to choose which style is best for you.
Add-ons and tent accessories are able to make your camping experience much better.

Tents for your kind of camping

The kind of tent you will need is determined by the type of camping you’re doing. Will you camp next to your car in a provincial park or maybe have you been likely to canoe or backpack your tent throughout the backcountry?
Camping with an automobile or perhaps vehicle

In case you are planning to drive in your campsite, then you’ve lots of options. Because you will just need to hold your camping gear a couple of metres within your trunk to your campsite (instead of holding it with your backpack, canoe or bike), excess weight and size are not significant issues. When purchasing an automobile camping tent, many frontcountry campers choose among the following :

Spacious and large with a lot of headroom (most individuals can generally stand up in them).
A lot of windows are created.
Frequently the largest tents available – in case you are searching for a tent to install a family of eight, it is generally likely to be a tent created for automobile camping.
Not designed to be lightweight or ultra light.

Walking, canoeing, backpacking plus motorcycle touring are several of the choices offered.

When you’re on a camping trip and also need to have a tent along with you, the weight as well as size issues start to be much more vital. You’ll be holding a lot more than simply your tent, you’ ll be holding food, clean water, cooking gear and much more. In case you’re searching for a tent for backpacking, think about the following :

Compact to conserve room in your pack.
Small adequate to fit into little wilderness campsites.
You have to undesrstand that lighter weights mean significantly less space and longevity, therefore you have to have this into account.

Amount of people

There’s a capacity rating for every tent on This’s just how many people are able to easily fit in a tent.

Nevertheless, simply because a tent sleeps six individuals does not imply you’ ll would like to talk about it with five of your respective closest friends. There’s no standard for tent capability ratings, but in common, you need to count the number of sleeping bags you’ve in the tent, and also you need to make a couple of centimetres of space in between every one of the sleeping bags.

For 8 person tents take a look at

In case you’re an ultralight backpacker or maybe mountaineer and also you wish to save excess weight in your package, then you definitely have to find a tent with a capacity which will support your employees. Some other campers may want a little more space for storing their gear, but this is not necessarily needed. When camping by automobile, you should continually buy a tent with sufficient space for no less than two individuals to sleep in it. If you are bringing your dog camping or even an expanding family, that is some thing to remember also.
Seasons plus weather patterns.

All tents offered at MEC are produced of quality materials with waterproof coatings, completely sealed long-lasting poles and seams. The kind of tent you receive can have a great deal to do with the weather conditions you’ll be camping in.

Most tents are made to be used for 3 seasons (spring, fall and summer), so they are able to withstand heavy snowfalls, though they will not withstand rain or wind.

In case you’re likely to camp in a warm spot, you are going to want a tent with lots of ventilation, therefore you must ensure your tent is loaded with lots of mesh panels. In case you’re camping by night, you need to get a tent with a complete – coverage rain fly which reaches all of the way down to the floor, instead one which simply stops halfway down.

Winter camping: In case you’re likely to invest a great deal of time camping in your tent, be sure you purchase a 4 season tent, since it is going to provide you with defense against the elements. They may be utilized to shelter you when you are on a mountaineering expedition, and when you are skiing in a huge snowstorm, or perhaps when you are winter camping.