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Our Best Selling Fireworks


The most widely known kind of fireworks, once it is launched into the air, the Rocket could reach an incredible high point. Depending on the type of rocket used, some can reach 30 to 60 meters before exploding in a loud sound (also called a report).

Roman Candle

Roman Candles are typically made consisting of a cardboard casing that is filled with a variety of balls which shoot out stars on a regular basis after the ignition. Like rockets, Roman Candles can be used both individually and as a component of a Cake. Roman Candles can expel stars with just one color or in a variety of colours. A number of sounds are possible with these fireworks, including hummers and crackles.

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Fountains are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the stunning visual element of a firework but without the loud, often awe-inspiring sound effects such as bangs and whistles. Fountains are so-called as, once they’re lit, they emit a shower of sparks. The size of the Fountain container will dictate the size of the shower as well as how long it will last and some Fountains may last for several minutes.

Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheels get their name from Catherine Wheels are named after St. Catherine who, according to legend, was supposed to be killed by a spinning wheel. The noise effects associated with Catherine Wheels include crackles and whistles which are released as the coil spins. Catherine Wheels are great to enjoy on their own but they are also able to be set up in different configurations.


The effect of the Mine fireworks may last only a few seconds but it’s sure to be impressive and breathtaking. Also called ‘pot a feu’, the mine is fired from a mortar shell that is placed at the ground and shoots colored stars in the sky with numerous flashes and bangs. Mines generally are most loud of fireworks, with the noise sometimes reaching as high as 120 decibels.


Cakes are made up of a set of fireworks that can be set off in succession which allows for a customized mini-show in one small package. They generally consist from Rockets, Roman Candles or mixtures of both. Cakes have an internal fuse that allows fireworks to be lit automatically, either all at once or in a set sequence. A lot of Cakes will only last for just a few seconds, but certain packages can fire for minutes at a time, with some containing in the vicinity of one thousand tubes. Most professional displays employ”final cakes,” that are made up of shells and can often weigh more than 100 pounds before being fired!


Barrage fireworks are packaged, ready Cakes which contain a mix of different types of fireworks to produce the most unique effect. It’s not surprising that they are among the most coveted fireworks in the UK because they permit buyers to buy an amazing display in just one package. Like Cakes, Barrages may contain a mix of fireworks, such as Mines and Roman Candles. In short, people wanting to create their own display could purchase several Barrages, and then light one at a time to create the perfect fireworks display that is pre-prepared.


Sparklers comprise of a small metallic stick that when lit emits a constant stream of sparks. Modern varieties may be constructed out of wood, with an attached paper tube and when lit, they emit sparkling sparks that change colour due to different components.