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Pillow With A Hole Sleeping Positions

Here are some reasons to buy one of these pillows.
CNH or pressure-related issues in your ears?
You may have a piercing that is infected, or it might be recent.
Your ears could be susceptible to infection
If you are using earplugs while sleeping, a hearing aid (or headphones) may be required.
If you use a CPAP Machine

What is CNH, and how can the right pillow help?

Chondrodermatitis Nodularis Helicis or Winkler Disease is most common in middle age and older men. But, it can also be found in women. It can be caused either by sleeping on one side or by trauma to the ear. The symptoms usually manifest as painful nodules at the top of the ear.

CNH can often be treated surgically. One study found that many CNH cases can be prevented by using conservative methods, such as sleeping on an ear-holed pillow.

Here are some things to consider when buying a pillow with a hole

There are often multiple boxes we need ticking to ensure a good night’s rest. The ear holes on a pillow do not mean that it is the right choice for you. These are just some of the factors you should consider when looking through the thousands of great pillows out there, in order to find the right one for you.

Main Problem

You need to identify the problem. It could be a ringing in your ears or a desire to listen to your favourite podcast while you sleep. It could be that you are sleeping with a hearing aid. You might be using a hearing aid while you sleep. Do you need a larger hole? Or is it sufficient to allow your ears to breathe comfortably? It may seem like a big hole with little importance. But that hole in the piercing pillow is the main reason why you are here. Consider the main purpose for your pillow.

Dimensions of The Pillow

You should think about the pillow you have been using for years and determine if this is what you prefer. If you do, then try to find a pillow that has a hole similar to your usual pillow. Consider how large you want your pillow to be and how tall it should be. Studies have shown that the height or width of your pillow will directly impact the craniocervical Pressure. This means that your spine alignment is very important. However, comfort is more dependent on the height of the pillow.


Consider natural pillow materials for those with sensitive skin. There are many choices for hypoallergenic pillowcases that are anti-dustmite. Be sure to look for CertiPUR US accreditation or something similar. These badges are awarded only to high quality materials.

Some people overheat at night so you should check the breathability of the pillow. You don’t want to wake up sweaty, so be sure to check if your pillow has cooling properties. Studies show that a cooler sleeping environment can reduce your body’s sweat rate.

If you are concerned about the environment, you will want to use a pillow that is made of the highest quality sustainable and eco-friendly material. A bamboo pillow would be a good example. When will you need to dispose of your pillow? Is it recyclable. When selecting the perfect pillow, you should take into account both the cover as well the filling.


The firmness of our mattress is not the only thing that matters. It is important to know how well-rested your sleep is. Some people like fluffy, fluffy pillows. Others prefer firmer pillows. You should consider your spinal alignment and preference for firmness when selecting a pillow.

How to Care For Your Pillow

Before you buy a pillow, make sure you read all the instructions. Most pillows come with easy care instructions, such as machine washable and tumbler-friendly. But, some pillows have more delicate materials that may need to be washed by hand or dried in the air. Take a moment to think about whether you have the time to take care of your pillow so it can last you many years.

Other problems and conditions

These problems can be very common. When selecting the right pillow, another thing to consider is back pain and cervical issues. It is a sign your pillow may not be right for you if you frequently wake up with a stiff upper body. There are many ergonomic pillows available for neck pain.

Sometimes it is sufficient to adjust the height of the pillow. Inserts can be used or foam can be added or removed. Some pillows offer neck support to align your spine correctly, which can help prevent cervical pain.

The most common symptoms of cervical pain are headaches, and migraines. Try a different approach. Instead of putting your body through the ringer with painkillers, you can change your pillow. Make sure you take time to find the perfect pillow for your needs. It will pay off for your health.


Many people have issues with snoring. It doesn’t matter whether you or your partner snore; it’s often the reason for sleepless nights. U-shaped pillows can be helpful for snorers who want to keep their head up and not roll back. All of these options are suitable for non-snorers, even if they’re wearing earplugs. The pillow should have a hole to allow for some relief from pressure and you won’t feel like the earplugs have been pressing into your brain.

If you need to use a CPAP or BiPAP machine, a pillow that has a hole may be a good option. When choosing a pillow, you should consider the dimensions of the mask as well as the tubes. You might find it useful to have pillows with two holes rather than one. A pillow with two holes instead of one might help if snoring becomes a problem.

The Pillow Price

As long as you do your research before investing in a pillow, it is generally a smart idea. The amount you pay for your pillow is entirely up to you. But, it’s worth the extra money if you are looking to get the best quality. A pillow that is good for your health can make a significant difference in how you feel. The best pillow is not always going to be the most costly. Find the right balance between your requirements and the price.

A pillow you found that seemed to be perfect for you, but the price is still too high? Look into whether the company offers a trial. This will allow you to test the pillow over a period of time before you make a decision.

Pillow With A Hole For Sleeping Positions

You’re probably an expert on pillows made with holes, if you’ve read this far. Summarizing, we discussed how a cushion with a hole is a good choice for people who have ear-related problems, side sleepers, and anyone looking for pressure relief.

A pillow with holes is not ideal for people who sleep only on their stomachs. Because side sleepers often have the most strain on their ears, the majority of these pillows were made with them in mind. There are options available that are suitable for stomach or back sleepers.

Frequently Asked questions

What’s a pillow with an opening in the middle?

A pillow with a slit in the middle means that it is a pillow where your ear can be placed to reduce friction and pressure. This can be useful in treating ear problems such as CNH and infected piercings. They can also help people who use earplugs, headphones, or a hearing aid to sleep.

Is there a pillow that can be used with an earhole?

There are many options. There are soft and firm options, as well. They also come in many shapes and variations. Some of them have multiple holes and others are made to be used in a specific position.

How can my ears stay pliable while I sleep?

It can be a great idea to invest in an inflatable pillow with holes. This will relieve the pressure and aid in healing any injury. It helps cool the area because air can flow through it.