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Reasons To Choose Plastic Storage Over Wooden

If you manage a business or one that is a warehouse or industrial operation you will have a myriad of storage options available to you. From various shelving types including wire, steel/metal, or rivets in storage bins or crates the necessity to store, display, and secure inventory is essential to ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. Containers and storage bins made of plastic will help you organize your inventory and make it easy to access.

There are many reasons to utilize plastic storage containers and bins and containers, however the need for portable storage solutions is contingent on the factory or warehouse layout, industrial design, and inventory, in addition to other elements.

Storing items on the floor creates chaos and could pose safety hazards decreases the efficiency of distribution and may cause damage to the things. Certain types of inventory needs heavy-duty and costly metal shelving systems.

Wood or plastic?

Wooden storage comes with its benefits which include low costs however wooden crates can be more prone to damage than plastics that are more modern. Apart from the vulnerability of wood for moisture damage, wood is susceptible to insects’ damage and can be more likely break or split from usage or drops.

The best plastic containers are affordable. Even the more costly styles are more affordable because of their long-term durability.

What’s so special about plastic Storage Bins?

Plastic storage containers and bins provide a variety of advantages to the manager of the warehouse or shop foreman. They include:

It is easier to wash

Containers and crates made of wood are porous, and they can be subject to moisture and rot, taking in water and loss of structural integrity. The wood’s porousness could also encourage the development of bacteria.

Metals, specifically iron alloys, like steel, are prone to rust. That’s the reason why manufacturers of metal storage solutions like shelves, powder-coat or plat them. But coatings and plating are prone to chipping or wear over time.

Modern plastics are waterproof in nature, keeping their look and permitting simple cleaning. Certain plastics are autoclavable for sterility reasons. It is often possible to wash a plastic container using detergent and water.

Low cost

One of the primary benefits of storage bins made of plastic is their cost. They’re an easy affordable option for warehouse managers that want to increase efficiency while remaining on budget.


A lot of plastic storage containers are impact-resistant and are able to handle rough or reckless manipulation by the forklift operator as well as other warehouse employees. Of course, plastic won’t stand the same strength as the strength of steel but it never needs to. To shop for lin bins visit

Less accident-prone

Metal shelving can be very heavy and difficult to move while plastic storage bins are lightweight and simple to move. A majority of modern plastic storage bins come with anti-slip bottoms to stop falls and trips that are accidental. Safety is essential for the health of your employees and safety, and plastic bins make sure that your items are less likely to be damaged in storage and transportation.


Beyond basic cleaning plastic storage containers and bins do not require particular maintenance.


Your warehouse is limited in size of room for storage, which means you must make the most of it. Utilizing the best use of the available space is increasingly requiring you to arrange the inventory and storage units vertically. A lot of storage units made of plastic can be stacked — they can be placed on top of the otherand you’ll be able to effectively minimize clutter on the floor of your warehouse or shop.

You can recycle a variety of plastic storage bins once they’re no longer required and reduces the amount of the amount of waste.