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Why Play With Connetix Toys?

Connetix tiles are an amazing and versatile toy that will astonish you. It was certainly the case for us! They’re gorgeous and clear, and simultaneously robust. It’s amazing to observe how they draw the attention of children, and are able to make them want to engage in a game for many hours or even for days. There’s a lot you can do with them!

The magnetic tiles stimulate children’s interest, spark their imagination and assist in developing spatial awareness. They are ideal for flat designs as well as 3D design and require many problems to solve while playing. I find it to be a fantastic choice for boys and girls of all ages, and they are able to play together. It’s one of the very few toys that can be played with simultaneously my son, who is three years old, and my six-year old daughter. It’s just amazing.

About Connetix

Connetix is an Australia-based firm founded in the year 2019 , by two family members that began at elementary school with them. They noticed that their young kids enjoyed playing, and in addition, they were learning by engaging with the magnetic tiles. That’s why they came up with the own magnetic tiles that were sturdy and secure, while also offering more refractions and clarity than the tiles currently available in the marketplace.

Brea & Dave are the two brains behind the business.

“Brea is a highly experienced primary school teacher and Master’s qualified early-childhood educator and mother of three children in the early years of their lives. Brea has a love of playing and learning, as well as an interest in open-ended quality toys that evolve with your children! “

“Dave is an entrepreneur who has an impressive entrepreneurial and financial background. After working for five years at Engineering office as a mechanical designer Dave has extensive experience manufacturing and shipping goods. He is aware of the steps to bring a product of high quality to the market. Dave has two kids who love having fun with the Connetix everywhere they travel (yes they even take an empty travel bag out to dinner! ).”

Are Connetix tiles fun?

Oh my! Yes! Absolutely! My children have lots of fun with them . they can create anything they want. In reality, the only limitation for their creative imagination.

It is possible to build homes, animals, vehicles garages, rockets and garages ball runs, and slides… The possibilities are endless.

It’s an excellent toy for indoor play however, you can also play outdoors. We’ve brought a few tiles on short journeys and even to the doctors office to keep the kids entertained. It’s also a great toy to play with children from other families so that they can play side-by-side (when they’re smaller) or construct things in a group.

The best part with open-ended toys such as those tiles is the fact that they will grow as your children grow. What they build will change as they develop and acquire greater skills. They’ll begin with a tiny house when they turn three and by six, they might have constructed tall structures with doors and bridges. It’s an amazing experience that kids of all ages (adults as well) can have fun with. These toys aren’t just meant for kids. You’ll be shocked to discover that there are lots of #adultswhoconnect.

What is Connetix tiles?

Connetix tiles have magnetic properties that are made from ABS plastic that is non-toxic and BPA as well as Lead as well as Phthalate free. The tiles are sealed before being then riveted to increase safety, and its unique beveled shape allows Connetix to be durable while creating stunning reflections. Furthermore this style makes the tiles entirely flat, which can help minimize scratches and help make the tiles as clear as they can be.

The tiles are developed in Australia and are manufactured in China. The company ensures that all the necessary tests and approvals required for selling the tiles have been completed in order to ensure they take the security of their products extremely seriously.

What made us choose Connectix?

We have also had smaller sets of magnetic tiles in the past and they’ve always been a huge hit in our the house. They were gifts that came as a surprise from friends and relatives My children were enthralled by them from the time they came in. However, the size of the sets was very small and the things they could accomplish with them was limited. These are the two sets we owned:

When I saw how much they loved being with the set, I decided we ought to go for something bigger in our home and purchase an even bigger set can be enjoyed by all and not fight over the lone two “big pieces” that we have. So I began to research to make sure Santa could bring us an incredible present as a family, the mega set.

I’d been seeing Connetix tiles for a while on Instagram as the tiles in pastel were so gorgeous and unique, they took my heart. However, I did more study at different tiles and sets. I was certain that I needed solid magnets and a set that had more than two squares (to keep from the squabbling) Clear tiles that I could play with in light and easy delivery to Spain. Connetix fulfilled all the criteria and the pastel colors was the main reason for me to choose them. The tiles are like these. They are stunning. They are absolutely stunning. we chose to go with the pastel collection.

At one point I was uncertain about whether we should buy the Rainbow colors tiles so that they could be matched with the tiles we already had at home. However, at the end of the day I determined that the Connetix Pastel were beautiful enough to let go of. You can mix Connetix with the Connetix together with Magtiles we have, but we rarely ever.

I purchased them through their website in November. There was talk of shortages in drivers and issues in the delivery schedule for the last quarter of 2021. Since I could not locate the items in the stores I normally shop at, I conducted some research and discovered they were sold direct in Europe. This was a fantastic choice. It arrived home in three weeks (faster than what days they were claiming) It was wonderful. We were given it with the Pastel Mega Set (a gift from us to our family) as well as it came with the Ball Run (a gift from my parents).

It was an Connetix full-on surprise that included stunning slides and tiles on Christmas Day.

What are the best ways to play on Connetix tiles? Connetix tiles?

This toy with an open-ended design is simply amazing. I’m certain that after playing with it for 3 months, we’ve just begun to explore the possibilities. But I’d like to let you know the things we’ve accomplished to date.

Each of the Connetix products include an Inspiration book which can be used to gather ideas from.

Structures and structures

Making these was my kids’ first instincts. They began to build houses castles, towers, or towers. They then began to put their favourite toys inside, from tiny cars and dolls to huge plush dolls. It is possible to say that it’s their preferred method of playing using the tile.

Flat designs and patterns

I enjoy designing pattern designs and patterns and my kids love the process too. Geometric patterns, floral designs, characters castles, rockets You name it! These can be created using different surfaces for various effects. On the floor or on a wall with magnetics (or fridge) or on a table with lights or in front of a windows. They create gorgeous backgrounds for small-world games.


Let’s design some 3D animals! They are such a blast but they are a little more difficult because you have to consider how to make sure the structure remains solid to be able to handle the load that you have created. My own has fallen apart several times before achieving it. There’s lots of problem-solving during the process, and I love it. It’s a challenge, but it’s possible, and you feel so happy when the idea becomes real.


They’re fantastic for creating cards such as trains, trucks rockets, spaceships and planes, and anything else you can think of they could build. The mega set includes two car bases that can be used to build, however you can purchase these on their own.

Small world of play

Connetix tiles are great to add color to your tiny world installations. Create a lake, a field or a few bushes, trees tiny homes and igloos, tents garages, train stations– anything you can think of to make your tiny world more vibrant and more fun and colorful.

Balls run

Ball runs are a lot of fun when you play with tiles. The sound of falling balls is captivating. There’s also balls run sets however you don’t require it to make ball runs. Instead of using slides, you can create levels by that use the tile as ramps. you must be creative which can be enjoyable. It is also possible to create an ring run that lets rings and coins run down. It’s also a lot of fun. You can also have mini cars run down.

Ball maze

The maze can be a great option to play by using ball and Connetix tiles. Instead of rolling them across different levels, you can make them roll flat. I was thinking of creating the maze using the tray (If we had Connetix large plates I would have made use of the ones) And since the maze was quite weighty I considered placing it on a cushion. This way the child is able to direct the ball with out carrying the weight. They can press on the corners to alter the angle. I am in love with these!


They are excellent sources to make games. You can design a tick-tack toe checkers board as well as snakes and ladders, soccer fields There are a myriad of games to play or create!

ABC & 123

The tiles are an excellent tool to help you learn the ABCs as well as 123. If you visit the Connetix website, you will discover a wealth of free sources. For instance, they have cards for numbers, as well as real-sized A3 printables of numbers in in black and white. You can also print templates for letters, which can be a great way to grab their attention and begin to identify the letters.

It’s not possible to print on A3 size, therefore I haven’t attempted them. However, you can use an enormous piece of paper and lay out your design then trace around each tile and show the design to your child, and they’ll have to fill in the pieces. It’s like a huge puzzle which they can fill in by using any colour combination. Make a pattern of letters, their names or any other objects or patterns that they will love. A lot of fun!

You could also draw on the tiles using chalk and let them select the letters that spell their name, or words. Write numbers and then match the numbers to items. In reality, the possibilities are limitless.

Where can we keep where do we store our Connetix tiles?

When we first acquired the carts, we kept the original boxes. After a few weeks, I decided to purchase an iron cart from Ikea and it’s the best choice ever. The tiles are always in there and can be moved effortlessly around the home. I store the boxes just in case I need play with the toy within the cart, however they’ve been in the cart for 2 months in a row and I have played with them nearly every day, so the tiles won’t go anywhere.

Connecting to other tiles

I’ve heard that the tiles can be connected to several other tiles from the brand like Magnatiles as well as Picasso tiles.

I’ve tried out the Playmag tiles we have in our home, and they do connect and you can mix the two. There is a little clash of colors because we use Connetix pastels, and the Playmags that come in Rainbow shades, but my kids can overlook the issue if it means that their structure is bigger.

If you’re worried about whether the things you have already got could be connected with these, it most likely will.

Connetix tiles are an amazing toy that is open to growth

We are awestruck by the variety of toys that we can play with at our home. The majority of the time, it was me but the kids are having fun and playing with these toys more and more. The introduction of open-ended toys into our playroom is one the best choices we’ve made. Thanks to it we can see how imaginative they are in their playtime, and also the things they create on their own. It’s amazing

Connetix can be described as a toy that works for everything. It is a sure bet that it will last for an extended period of time since it can be used with any other idea of play they’re engaged with. If they’re playing in dolls’ houses, they construct tables and chairs. If they play using cars, they create garages and bridges. When they play on trains, then they create stations and landscapes. Also, if we’d like to build some ball runs and slides, they are amazing. In all honesty, we’ve played a lot on them and strongly recommend these slides.

If you’re considering buying some magnets for your kids, don’t be hesitant. I am so grateful that we have them in our lives, and have not regretted it a single time. We think the Connetix pastel collection is the most gorgeous thing you can find. We are in love with it and would highly recommend it.

I hope that the ideas I’ve presented here will inspire you to engage these toys. I’ll continue to share more ideas for play as we get to play more with them.

Enjoy playing! !