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Why Use Vape Kits?

If you’ve been searching for the latest vape kit for you to purchase recently, you might have seen disposable vape kits available. While these are great for those who are just beginning to learn and who are looking for a small, portable product, different vape products that give you the same and, in some cases, better vaping experience for less than the cost all-in.

If you’ve not heard of disposable vape devices or are interested in knowing more about them, you can learn more about them here.

This article provides a thorough examination of the disposable kits for vaping and compares them with other pod kits and provides a list of recommended vape kits to help you enjoy and get the most out of your vaping adventure.

Advantages of Disposables

Disposable devices offer a wealth of benefits for vapers, specifically for those looking to quit smoking and shift towards a healthier option than smoking. Below we provide an overview and a discussion on the benefits that disposable vape kits can offer.

Simple and simple to utilize

Disposable devices are extremely easy to use and do not require coils, buttons or settings to think about. Due to their simplicity, disposables are ideal choice for novice vapers. They offer an easy way to get to vaping, which is great for those who are just beginning their journey and could be a good starting kit for many.

No Maintenance

As mentioned earlier the disposable devices don’t contain any coils or replacement components to worry about. the ease of disposal means that there is no requirement for regular maintenance. Once you reach the point at which the battery or e-liquid going out, it’s time to get rid of the device.

A Wide Variety

Due to the increasing popularity of portable vape kit kits that are disposable, flavors are also expanding to meet the preferences of the majority of vapers. The disposable devices come with tobacco, menthol fruit and dessert e-liquids available to pick from.

Less expensive (up the front)

The Relx Australia disposable vape devices are among the lowest priced e-cigarettes that are in the market right at the time of purchase. If you’re looking for an affordable priced ‘pick-up and go’ electronic cigarette, then disposable devices are ideal for you However, as we’ll discuss below they’re not cheap in the long run , and there are other products which offer a cheaper alternative.

Pros and Cons of Disposables

Although disposable devices offer the most cost-effective and simple method to begin vaping at a moment’s notice but there are many negatives of disposables when you look at the larger perspective. Here we will highlight the disadvantages of vape kits that are disposable.

Unproductive (lifespan)

The clue is in the name. When they talk about disposable e-cigarettes as they are made to be disposable , and their longevity isn’t even close to the other rechargeable pod kits on the market. Since they last only around 500 puffs (equivalent 20 cigarettes) A lot of former heavy smokers will consummate the same device every single day, which is not green if they are they are disposed of as general waste.


One of the most significant disadvantages of portable devices is the fact that they’re not rechargeable. While they can provide only one charge, you’ll never know the amount of charge you’ve got left on the device, and it could be short. It’s also normal for batteries that are disposable to last longer than the remaining e-liquid and there’s little to do about it.


Another major drawback for disposables is the inability to refill them. This is in addition to not being able recharge the device at all after your e-liquid has been consumed or the battery is exhausted, it’s time to throw away the device. It also means that the moment you buy a gadget that has an e-liquid that you aren’t that keen on, you aren’t able to substitute the flavor, without having to replace the whole device.

Less Options

While there is always a new improvement in the variety of e-liquid flavors that are available in disposable devices, there are still smaller options available than buying e-liquid on its own and using the refillable kit for vaping. The flavors offered are typically the most popular E-liquids used by vapers, however they might not be the ones you favourite(s).

Expensive (long run)

In the past the disposable vape kits can be a cost-effective alternative in the short-term but if you’re using them often, the expense can increase significantly compared to the cost of vaping using a pod kit that recharges as well as All In One (AIO) kits. If you’re planning to use vape for a long time, we strongly suggest looking at alternatives to disposable kits.