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Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training – A Typical Course


This course is designed for instructors and trainers who work within Further Education Colleges, Adult and Community Learning 14-19 unit units in Schools and Academies, Private Training Organizations, Prison Education and the Public services (Police and Paramedics, Fire Service) The diploma is the only full-time teacher’s qualification in the higher education sector.

Success Rates

The department for teacher training is managed by highly skilled and experienced personnel. This department boasts a history of high success rates that surpass the national averages for every course.

Does the course provide me with what I need?

Course Content

It covers these elements:

Year 1

Assessment, teaching and learning in training and education
Models, theories and principles in training and education
Learning and managing behaviours in the context of learning
Training for the role of a personal tutor
Delivering Employability Skills

Year 2

The development of teaching, learning and assessment in the field of education and education and
Teaching in a specific field
Action Research
Professional Practices in Education and training

Summary of Skills and Knowledge

The goal of the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is to equip instructors, trainers and tutors who are in or planning to take on, an effective teaching position with the foundational expertise, understanding, and knowledge to be able to successfully fulfill the entire teacher’s job and obtain Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS).

What has a student who taken this course in past made progress to?

The successful candidates have been able to obtain Qualified Teachers and Learning status, and/or have been offered permanent teaching positions or moved into further education studies.

How can I be taught?

The majority of lessons will be active learning within a classroom. Additionally, you will have access to top quality speaker guests that will offer their knowledge of the protection of children students, making use of technologies in classrooms, and controlling classroom behavior. You’ll also gain knowledge from your teaching practices and reflect on your learning.

What will I be evaluated?

You’ll take part in a variety of tests, which include group presentations, written tasks , and recorded discussions. In the final year of every year you’ll submit a portfolio that proves you have fulfilled the requirements for assessment of the units you have taught. You’ll also be required to complete eight hours of observation of your teaching during the two years of your studies.

How much time can I be expected to devote on projects, assignments, field excursions?

Alongside time spent in class at College In addition, you will be expected to commit to around 5 hours per week doing research for academic purposes and preparing assignments for evaluation.

What is the qualification I will receive after completing this course?

The NCFE level 5 diploma in education as well as Training (In-Service)

Where did students go after finishing this course?

Higher Education Study and University

Do you have additional work to be completed for the pupil?

There are no additional expenses associated with the course. Through the course, students can access the well-stocked library as well as the college’s online Learning Environment (Moodle) in which class resources and other reading materials are posted weekly.

What are the anticipated work areas for this course?


Entry Requirements

What are the requirements for entry?

Students must possess at minimum at least a Level 3 qualification in a area of study they are qualified to teach in. A degree, or a Level 3 or 4 professional qualifications is also required.


Students must be able to secure an unpaid or volunteer teaching position in the subject they wish to teach in that is at least 100 hours of teaching over during the 2 years. The course must be based with students aged 14+ as well as every aspect of designing, delivering and assessing learning. Students also need access to a subject expert mentor who will commit to attending 4 times over the two years of the program. Students must make their own the arrangements for placement.

English as well as Maths

You must to have a level 2 qualification for English prior to enrolling. Candidates are required to take initial tests in writing and reading to make sure that your current reading and writing skills are sufficient to write your assessments. There is no requirement for any specific Mathematics qualification to enroll in this program, however it is important to know that teachers should be able to pass the level 2 exam in mathematics.

Higher Education Fees

All students are required to pay the full amount for Higher education courses. Fees for courses can be paid up to three instalments during the academic year.