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Bookies – History, Distribution & Place In Modern Sports Betting

The high-street betting shop is the foundation of gambling in UK since its legalization in the early 60’s and without them, the modern betting world would not be the same as it is today. Many people felt that the bookies were more than just a place for people to gamble, they were a place to meet friends , and was a communal gathering place. If you wanted to bet (legally) on the go, the bookie on the high street was your best bet.

History of the High Street Betting Shop

The first high street betting shops were opened in the year 1961. This was following Harold Macmillan passed a law that legalized betting establishments to combat the many gambling gangs operating illegally across the nation.

The industry exploded with 10,000 establishments within the first 6 months, and the market grew in a very short space of time. At the peak, 16,000 high-street betting shops could be seen across the UK however, the advent internet-based betting saw that number fall to nearly half and continues to shrink.

While bookmakers on the high street may be struggling but that’s not an accurate review of the gambling business in general. In 2009, the UK economy was plunged into a recession with a number of high street bookshops closing, and town centres are being threatened with becoming ghost towns. While this definitely had an adverse effect on the bookshops in high streets but in a more circular way it provided them with some respite. In an effort to revive high streets , the government permitted bookmakers to live in vacant buildings for up to 2 years without the need for planning permission. Whilst a short term solution but it also opens the door for the high bookmaker to be able to revive the streets of the UK.

High Street Bookmaker Distribution and Density

It’s not surprising to discover an association between locations of bookmakers and those with very low employment rates, high benefits levels and a low-level income base. Bookmakers focus on these areas because they know they are going to attract a greater number of patrons to their locations.

This is evident in the fact that the whole of Tyneside includes more booksellers per square meter than the whole of London and some of its boroughs and a high street in Newham has the most bookies on a single street anywhere in the UK from 18 to. In city centre’s and otherwise prosperous areas, bookmakers tend be scarcer.

Are High Street Bookies Still Have A Place in Modern Day Betting?

The statistics certainly indicate that they aren’t. The decline in high street bookmakers, which is close to 50% from their peak, and an economy which is showing few signs of turnaround in the near future certainly do not aid the cause. The popularity of online betting sites is probably another factor.

It’s not all doom & despair for the gambler, though; online betting sites are so easy to access as you can place bets from any location in the world by simply pressing one button. This also means that bookmakers reduce their outgoings since they don’t have to spend money on the cost of maintaining so many shops. This will theoretically trickle through to their betting sites where they can afford to offer better odds as well as better betting deals, which will benefit the gamblers.

To conclude, it certainly looks bleak for bookmakers near me on the high street. This is a market – just one of many experiencing major shifts. On the flipside however betting generally is probably seeing its biggest growth since the advent of betting shops. It is in the middle of the next stage in the expansion of bookmaking in the way we recognize it.

Why, then, do People Bet Continually In High-Street Bookies?

Many of us still remember the time when the only location you could bet on, other than at the racecourse, was the local high-street bookshops. However, since the introduction of online betting, lots of punters are now betting at home or whilst they’re out and about due to the mobile-friendly technology therefore, it begs the question of why anyone is still betting on bookmakers in high-street shops?

How to hide your betting from your Spouse

There’s no way around the fact that many people don’t like their spouses to gamble, and force the type of gambler to go to the bookies of the high street where they’re usually left out of better odds or delicious concessions offered by bookies to customers who are online. If that’s the reason you’re betting on the high street, you should think about following the recommendations of one or more of the successful Betting Gods’ Tipsters as that should put money in your bank over the long run and put the smile at your partner’s smile.

Friendly Banter

If you’re one of the people who like to go to the local establishment for a drink and a conversation with your friends rather than staying home to drink and then a day at the bookshops might have similar appeal. While online betting offers more options, sometimes an afternoon of betting in the bookies is a wonderful option to bond with your pals, especially in the event that there’s a pub right adjacent to you.

Beginning to Take Early Prices

Sometimes a visit to the bookies is worth the effort though the chances are better to get on at an early price in many of the top high-street book stores. William Hill are often the most generous in that regard since they’ll typically keep the cost of a horse for a certain amount of time in order for the shop-hoppers to take advantage of. Certain limits could apply, however it’s not a problem for placing a bet on your favorite horse online or at the bookies.

Accounts closed

If you ask professional punters for their reasons for betting in high-street bookies Most often, the response can be traced back to their online account canceled because it was too successful, however they are determined to find the highest odds possible – and no effort is too hard for a professional punter!

Spreading the Load

Whether you’re a successful punter by yourself, or are averaging a profit because of one or more of the Betting Gods tipsters, it’s often a great idea to split your betting between bookies. Making smaller bets in many bookies means your success will often go unnoticed, and help avoid the risk of having limits placed on your accounts, or even having them closed completely. High street bookies are always worth a look in this manner.