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How did Big Brother come about?

If you’ve been following current seasons of Big Brother and can’t wait to see the next season start, you may be seeking out more about the show while you wait. Have you ever wondered about how Big Brother became what it is in the present? If so you’ll find fascinating information as you are waiting to meet all the contestants who will be appearing on Big Brother.

What happened to Big Brother? Big Brother come about?

Big Brother first aired in 1999 in the Netherlands but there were fifty-four seasons that have aired in more than 62 countries and regions in the 15th of August 2021. Starting from South Africa and Nigeria to Scandinavian countries, all through to the Middle as well as in the Far East, the format is popular across the majority around the globe.

The show is based on the character with the same name in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Big Brother’s basic premise is straightforward. There’s a set number of housemates who do not have a relationship living together as they are completely isolated from the outside world and constantly monitored.

The contestants nominate one for eviction and the one who receives most votes from viewers is eliminated. While certain rules vary based on the nation in which the show is happening, every show restricts the housemates and blocks them from having access to the world outside.

Why are people all over the globe obsessed with it?

What is it that makes viewers attracted in Big Brother? They’re not winning the money , but they’re still attracted to the reality TV show. It’s really quite easy that they’re interested in seeing how other people cope in a secluded space, far from their family and friends and tasked with a variety of tasks. While the show is running strong throughout America US even at the end of 23 seasons gradually faded within the UK after 19 seasons, and was cancelled in the year 2018.

The new season of Big Brother Kosova VIP Live starts in Autumn this year and promises to be a must watch TV programme.

Although in Nigeria there aren’t that many seasons to go, the people love the opportunity to display their culture by the way they dress and talk, and having a bit of drama only the icing on top. Furthermore, following a gap of six years and a half, this year’s South African version, Big Brother Mzansi returned in January of 2022 to air the sixth season, which means that the enthusiasm hasn’t lost its luster on the continent.

Like this reality show franchise was inspired by a novel and also influenced different forms of media. For instance there are games that mimic the drama and stress associated with being in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother The Game comes with a variety of tasks and hidden missions you need to manage, however you also have the option of being removed. Check out the game’s rules along with its guidelines if it sounds to be something you would like to take part in.

However given that slots come with hundreds of themes, it’s not surprising to also come across themed slots that are Big Brother-themed. It’s possible to find them on casinos on the internet in Africa.

Which are the best-loved moments?

With the sheer number of series and shows, it’s appropriate that there were memorable moments. For instance, in the United States, season ten winner Dan Gheesling returned for the 14th season and had a mock funeral to celebrate the rest of his Big Brother career, which made a great deal of people cry. In season 5 there was a couple of twins who kept switching locations without anyone else noticing.

In the case of Naija, Enkay being evicted due to the Ludo match will be remembered, while the Mercy and Tacha battle should not be forgotten because it resulted in Tacha’s disqualification in just ten days left until the time of the event.

Who became famous and rich following their participation?

There are a lot of contestants who take part in this reality show and never get noticed for the rest of their lives. Did you know that a few contestants were able to establish a large social media following, in addition to making cash through the program?

For instance, the season five winner Laycon broke records by being the very first of his housemates from the beginning of the show to have the milestone of one million Instagram followers while still living in the house. The current number is 3.6 million fans and is constantly releasing music. Bisola Aiyeola, who was the runner-up from 2017has more than three million followers, too and is a well-known Nollywood actress. In addition, model, actress and influencer Alex Asogwa who was in the third season of BB Naija also has three million followers.

Also, in South Africa as well, the former contestants became famous following their participation in the contest. For example, Lerato Sengadi, Blue Mbombo and Mbali Nkosi Lexi Van Niekerk, and Sol Phenduka all took off following the conclusion of their respective seasons.

If you’re a huge Big Brother fan, learning something about its past is an enjoyable experience. You’ve probably gained something new and are able to enjoy it until the start of the new season.