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Taking a child to the cinema

Taking your child to the films for the first time could certainly be a treat — or maybe a complete disaster. Follow these steps to make sure that a good time is had by all.

A trip to the movies was a requirement before you had kids. You liked the actor or the movie poster was cool, so you went. Uncomplicated. But in case you’ve little kids, you have to place a bit more thought into a call to the multiplex, especially the very first time you go. The very first venture to the cinema might be a success with some hints.

Determine whether your child is really prepared. What is the appropriate age for kids to see their first movie? Well, it will depend on your kid. Many kids see their first movie around the age of three or four, however, several parents wait until young children are a tad older, especially if they are susceptible to loud noises or even scared of the dark.

Choose the right movie. Clearly, you want something kid-friendly — usually, animation fits the bill. Look for movies that are slower and shorter than the regular blockbuster. These kinds of films aren’t always playing in the local mall cinema, but keep your eye out for special screenings at art household cinemas, churches, or perhaps schools just where they display classic kids’ films on the big screen.

Skip the ads and trailers. Lots of cinemas clearly show a slew of commercials before the feature. Kids younger than about eight are not able to distinguish advertising from content. Also, movie trailers are often louder and faster-paced than the film itself, which could be a frightening introduction to the cinema. If it is perhaps try hire a cinema screen instead.

It’s wise to plan it right. Most small kids are at their best earlier in the day, for this reason a cinema’s very first screening is usually a great time to visit — and it’s generally full of other kids who will not care if your kid talks through the entire thing (for older children, instruct movie cinema etiquette — no talking, no devices, no getting up for very little reason). Make sure kids are well fed, and determine ahead of time if you’ll be buying candy or popcorn so you don’t have to negotiate in the cinema. (And if you buy popcorn, make sure you’ve water — that popcorn’s salty!)

Opt for the flow. You will not be the first parent who is still left a cinema with a screaming, crying, or maybe otherwise overwhelmed kid. You could possibly feel like you wasted your cash, but you do not wish to force your kid to sit through a product they are not prepared for. Sometimes a short break in the lobby will be enough to get your child prepared for another try.