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The Different Rainbow Riches Games Available To Players

Rainbow Riches is an online series of slot machines that takes gaming to new heights!
Rainbow Riches is a game you may have seen while playing online slots at the Casino. If so, this guide will walk you through the best Rainbow Riches gaming options.

Drops of Gold to Megaways and Home Sweet Home to Pick ‘n’ Match, the Rainbow Riches slot games are unparalleled in entertainment and intensity.

This guide will walk you through each of the Rainbow Riches slots and show you how to use them. Learn the details of each game, and get online tips to help you choose the right game for you.

Rainbow Riches

SG Gaming launched the original Rainbow Riches online slot in 2000. It remains one of most popular online slots. Rainbow Riches is the original. It features five reels and three rows with 20 win lines.

This slot is a classic online game that has survived for so many years. Rainbow Riches is a classic online slot with great graphics that haven’t changed much in years.

This theme is very Irish, with wild leprechauns being available! There are three bonus rounds, Road to Riches (Wishing Well), and Pots of Gold (Pots of Gold). The symbols used in this slot are the standard 10, Q, K and A symbols. This gives the feeling that it is a classic online casino slot.
Rainbow Riches stats

x5 reels

x3 rows

x20 win lines

The key feature is:
Rainbow Riches Drops Gold

If you are a fan of Bonus symbols, this is the right place for you. Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold provides a wide range of bonus symbols that will increase your chances of winning. The bonus game takes place in beautiful Ireland and includes horse shoes, fiddles, and harps.

The Wild pots in gold and silver that move above the reels are the main attraction of this game. The fifth reel’s Drops of Gold symbol will reveal the Wilds that are above the reels. It will trigger an explosion of win lines and all the Wilds below the reels will fall into place. Every symbol bar Bonuses is replaced by silver pots. All other symbols are eliminated.

This game is great for those who like Wilds and Bonuses. It can be a very entertaining game that can change your mind in just one spin.
Rainbow Riches Stats: Drops of Gold

x5 reels

x4 rows

x200 win lines

Important feature: Wild pots cascade
Rainbow Riches offers free spins

This is the online slot that you should play if you enjoy free stuff. Rainbow Riches Free Spins allows players to get exactly what their name implies: Free Spins. This is a fantastic bonus feature that can be activated when there are at least three Scatter symbols on the reels. You can win as many as 20 free spins, which is quite a lot!

Rainbow Riches Free Spins consists of five reels with three rows and 10 fixed win lines. This game is themed around luck of the Irish and features many other exciting features.
Rainbow Riches – Free Spins Stats

x5 reels

x3 rows

x10 win lines

Key feature: Get free spins
Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home

We’re still here in Ireland but it’s time for us to return home with this bizarre and amazing Rainbow Riches game. Although the basic gameplay of this slot is the same as the rest, it has a very unique bonus feature that sets it apart.

Knock-Knock Bonus is activated when the Leprechaun symbol appears in the first reel. The four doors above the game will unlock, and reveal which symbols can become Wilds.

Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home is a door that transforms people.

This is not all. You can also get a free spins bonus, 50 win lines and 5 reels.
Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home Stats

x5 reels

x5 rows

x50 win lines

Knock-Knock Bonus is the key feature
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix

This is the perfect game for those who enjoy customizing their slot features. Rainbow Riches Mix offers players the chance to select three of five additional features to increase their chances of winning big while playing the slots.

The game will ask you to choose between three options: The Leprechauns Road to Riches or The Magic Toadstool.

The game starts in the Rainbow Riches fashion — lots and lots of Irish-themed symbols, as well as the standard 10, Q, K, and A tiles. There are 20 win lines in this game. It has five reels, three rows and three rows. Your bonus options can be reset at any time.
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix Stats

x5 reels

x5 rows

x20 win lines

Important feature: Select your own bonuses
Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Gold

There is no limit on the number of Leprechauns that a game can sustain. Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Gold has lots of little critters that will help you uncover wins, bonuses and wilds.

Five bonuses are available in this game. The main one is the Rainbow Ring bonus spinner. This bonus is activated if three or more bonus symbols appear in the reels.

However, the Big Bet feature is the most important part of this game. When you trigger the Big Bet feature, the Super Rainbow will activate and one or more reels of the game will be selected for the Super Rainbow to take over.
Rainbow Riches Leprechauns Stats

x7 reels

x5 rows

x50 win lines

Super Rainbow: Key feature
Rainbow Riches Reels Of Gold

You are sure to have a fantastic online slots experience when you play the Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold. This game features a total of 10 reels, which can be played across two different slots, each covering 100 winning lines.

Big Bets bonuses are what make this game so special. To enhance your game experience, you can purchase certain additional features. Pay to play five Big Spins and Expanding Wilds.

This game is not suitable for novice players, but it is recommended for those who have experience and are willing to wager at higher levels.
Rainbow Riches Reels Gold stats

x10 reels

x100 win lines

Big Bets are the key feature