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Why Traders Use MetaTrader 4

Also known under the name MT4, MetaTrader 4 was developed in 2005 by MetaQuotes Software in 2005, and is today the most well-known online forex trading software, with many brokers adding it to their existing portfolio of software for trading. In spite of that the MetaTrader 5 platform launching in the year 2010, IMMFX remains exclusively on MT4平台 because of its complexity of use, its proven reliability, and ongoing global acceptance by brokers and traders.

MT4 gives investors everything they is looking for to become an effective trader on the internet. This robust forex trading platform is extremely reliable, offering an exceptional execution environment. Additionally, it’s simple to install and download, and takes a couple of minutes to finish the process. Once installed, users have to transfer funds into their account for trading prior to starting to trade in for forex or other financial instruments.

The range of tools

The range of trading tools offered in MetaTrader 4 is almost endless. MetaTrader four platform is nearly incomparable, which means that traders can conduct their studies and execute trades with ease.

Trade on-the-go

Technology and software advancements have also made it possible to conduct mobile trading of forex as well as other instruments of finance. Its MT4 platform fully works on all Android as well as iOS smartphones, which means you’ll have access to the latest forex news no matter where you are wherever you are in the world, allowing you to stay informed about the latest market news using the convenience of your tablet or phone.

Multi-Account Management

Professional traders who manage multiple trading accounts The MetaTrader 4 platform lets you to manage multiple trading accounts in forex effortlessly. MAM accounts include all the tools for trading you might need to manage multiple accounts efficiently and efficiently.

Expert Advisors

It is also possible to use Expert Advisors. MT4 platform also offers Expert Advisors for those who want to execute trades automatically. This is a great method to diversify a portfolio of trading and there are many EAs to pick from. Each EA is designed specifically to meet the specific needs that the investor. In addition, investors are able to create themselves EAs and use them using the MT4 platform.