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CBD Patches for Pain Relief: Do They Work?

If you’re looking to benefit from CBD, the CBD compound is more accessible than ever before due to the many delivery options and a myriad in CBD infused goods.

One option to try CBD is by applying the use of a patch that is adhesive. Commonly used to reduce the pain of muscles and joints and discomfort, CBD patches provide CBD to specific parts within the human body. But are they as efficient as CBD-infused oils, balms and food supplements to relieve discomfort, pain, and inflammation?

Continue reading to learn more information about CBD (cannabidiol) patches as well as their effectiveness and how they work.

What is what is a CBD Patch?

CBD patches can be described as adhesives containing cannabidiol, a chemical from hemp plants that provides many health benefits. CBD patches look similar to plasters and are affixed to the skin, where they offer a gradual release of CBD that is absorbed into bloodstreams. For certain people, this is the best method to reap the advantages of CBD instead of taking CBD oil and edibles or smoking CBD vapes. Furthermore the use of a CBD patch could focus on a specific area and may be an efficient option for people looking for relief from inflammation and pain.

What’s a CBD Patch do?

When CBD patches are put on your skin, the CBD releases slowly and gradually into the system. The continuous release of CBD allows you to enjoy the and long-lasting benefits of CBD without the need to consume additional gummies, vapes, or oils to stay free of pain.

When CBD gets into the bloodstream it affects the endocannabinoid systems of the human body and blocks receptors for specific kinds of pain. Additionally, this process produces an anti-inflammatory effect which reduces inflammation, and possibly decreasing pain caused by inflammation.

Because CBD oil patches provide the transdermal delivery of CBD in a specific region, CBD patches may be the best for treating localized pain such as inflammation and pain in the nerves.

The CBD contained in patches is the same as it’s counterpart – and works just as well when CBD is in a food or drink and then taken. But, CBD consumed orally must pass through the digestive tract before it can reach the bloodstream. CBD patches however are not in contact in the digestion system. This means that more CBD circulates in the bloodstream before reaching the area that causes pain (this is called bioavailability).

Because CBD patches for pain are typically made to remain within the body for a number of days and you’ll also get the slow and steady release in the area of concern.

CBD has been demonstrated in preclinical research to be effective in relieving inflammation and pain as well as decreasing stress, anxiety and sleep problems. CBD applied to the skin can also help promote relaxation of muscles. Patches are likely to be more efficient for pain that is localized rather than general pains and aches throughout the body.

Although research and some reports from anecdotal sources on cannabidiol as well as CBD patches looks promising, it is important to remember that research is still in the early stages of development.

Do CBD Patches Help with Back Pain?

CBD patches offer a simple method of providing CBD to a particular part within the human body such as the back for relief from pain. Many people report rapid and lasting relief from back pain with regular application the CBD patches.

How do CBD Patches Feel?

Transdermal CBD patches are used to relieve the pain and aches that occur most commonly. CBD patches won’t make you feel “high”. This is due to the fact that legal CBD patches sold in the UK are not infused with THC The psychoactive cannabinoid that is associated with marijuana, and can cause you to get high.

Because of the slow and constant releases from CBD in a patch you will see the gradual decrease in inflammation and pain. Some report improvement in their overall well-being.

How Long Will CBD Patches Last to Work?

When the CBD patch is applied on the face, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream within 60 minutes. It is a gradual, constant release of CBD in the meantime, for all the time that your CBD patch is specifically designed to function (this can be a period of time that is many hours, a whole day or even a few days, but always follow the instructions on the packaging for the product you are using).

What is the best way to compare CBD Patches Compare To Other CBD products for pain?

More research is required about CBD patches to relieve pain. But, we have learned through preclinical research that CBD is effective in the relief of inflammation and pain. CBD patches CBD patch delivers a rapid delivery of cannabidiol into a specific location and avoids the digestive system and can increase CBD’s bioavailability CBD in comparison to other ways of CBD delivery like CBD oil, gummies and vapes.

What is the best place to put an CBD Patch?

CBD patches function using a transdermal delivery system and therefore are most effective when placed in close touch with an even surface of skin that’s not asymmetrical or uneven. CBD patches should be placed closest to the area of pain as you can. The most popular places to apply CBD patches include the inside shoulder, bicep, lower back, the back of the neck and inner wrists, and behind the knee.

CBD Patches – Side Effects of Patches and Security

CBD is a substance which is regarded as safe to use, not addictive and is generally regarded as a drug that is tolerated well by the majority of people. But, an allergic reaction to the use of a CBD patch is a possibility. While rare, known side effects of CBD include fatigue, drowsiness diarrhoea and diarrhoea. They also report changes and weight fluctuations. If you feel you’re susceptible to these effects CBD avoid using machinery or driving while you are taking CBD.

Certain CBD patch manufacturers may include chemicals in their product to aid CBD in getting into the skin and subsequently the bloodstream. These chemicals could trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

Furthermore, CBD may be capable of interfacing with prescribed medicines. If you’re taking medication, you should discuss CBD supplements with GP prior to using CBD.

How to Select the Best CBD Patches UK

If you are purchasing the CBD patch, make sure you’re purchasing from a reliable company that is able to offer independent third-party lab reports to prove the potency of the product as well as legal THC levels (less than 0.2 percent). The product should clearly disclose the amount of CBD it is made up of along with any additional ingredients. CBD patches are different in their potency and, if required high-strength CBD patches UK can be purchased.

Think about what kind of patch is best for you. Perhaps you’re looking for an item that can be worn for a long period of time rather than just for a few hours. You could prefer an abrasion-resistant or waterproof patch when showering or working out.

Final Thoughts

CBD patches are the best option if you’re looking for pain relief and inflammation relief in a specific region. They’re sold in a variety of concentrations and help in rapid absorption into your bloodstream and steady and long-lasting CBD distribution for several days. If you’re on a medication, speak to your GP prior to using the CBD patch.