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Minimally Invasive Fat Removal: Discover the Benefits of 360° Vaser Lipo

Over the years, cosmetic operations have grown in favour as individuals have become more self-conscious about their looks. The adaptability and remarkable outcomes of 360 Vaser Lipo make it stand out among the others. For patients looking for all-encompassing contouring options, this cutting-edge kind of liposuction is a great choice since it uses ultrasonic energy to remove fat from several locations at once.

Can You Explain 360 Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Lipo, which stands for Virtual Assisted Realipocytesis, is a cutting-edge liposuction technique that eliminates the need for mechanical effort by utilising ultrasonic waves to loosen fat cells. Its inception was in response to problems that can emerge during traditional liposuction procedures, such as the possibility of undesirable side effects and uneven skin texture after removing a substantial amount of fat.

Cannulas, which are thin tubes attached to vacuum suction equipment, are inserted via tiny incisions made around the area(s) to be suctioned in traditional liposuction procedures. Intense manipulation of the subcutaneous tissue is involved in the procedure, which may cause irritation and damage. After surgery, some people may feel sore, swollen, bruised, and temporarily numb.

But with the advent of Vaser Lipo, less invasive and more accurate methods of liposculpture were available. By using ultrasonic vibrations to liquefy the fat before aspiration, Vaser Lipo eliminates the need to use blunt force to retrieve fatty deposits. Reducing harm to neighbouring tissues and minimising recovery time, the method also helps separate fat cells from surrounding connective tissue, blood arteries, and nerves.

With 360 Vaser Lipo, you get all the advantages of Vaser Lipo plus the ability to shape your whole body. This method entails inserting several cannula tips into small punctures all over the patient’s body to concurrently target four main areas: the abdomen, flanks, back, and inner thighs. The technique’s moniker comes from the fact that it undergoes a full metamorphosis in a single session since all four zones are treated at the same time.

What Is the Process of 360 Vaser Lipo?

A 360 Vaser Lipo procedure starts with an injection of a lidocaine and epinephrine solution into the desired locations by a trained professional. The treatment has a dual purpose: first, it reduces pain by numbing the area, and second, it helps with swelling, bruising, and bleeding. Second, it helps the doctor to see where the fat and vital structures meet, which reduces the chances of accidental damage.

After that, specialised cannulas equipped with ultrasound probes that transmit high-frequency soundwaves will be inserted into the patient through many tiny incision locations around the patient’s waistline by the surgeon. By applying heat, these probes melt the fat, which is then suctioned out with relative ease. This method eliminates just the right amount of fat without removing any of the supportive structures that give skin its suppleness, tone, and firmness.

Reasons to Consider 360 Vaser Lipo

Here are just a few of the many benefits of 360 Vaser Lipo over more traditional methods of liposuction:

Reduced Trauma: The procedure promotes quicker healing by minimising trauma to nearby soft tissues and nerve endings by utilising smaller incision sizes and softer extraction techniques.

Personalised Treatment Programmes: With 360 Vaser Lipo’s multifocal liposuction capability, doctors may tailor treatments to each patient’s unique needs, giving them more leeway in deciding how much and where to reduce fat.

Short Recovery Time: Patients usually feel better faster after this procedure since it is less invasive. They may have slight pain and discomfort around the treated areas for around seven days. Patients should avoid vigorous exertion for at least six weeks following the procedure, although they can usually resume regular work soon after.

Better Contours: By eliminating bulges consistently in many places, 360 Vaser Lipo creates a harmonious shape and results in smoother transitions between the top and lower body regions.

Possible Adverse Reactions

There are less dangers associated with 360 Vaser Lipo compared to traditional liposuction, yet there are still some adverse effects, such as:

It’s possible to experience temporary numbness, swelling, and bruising for a few weeks after surgery.

  • Fluid Accumulation: People who have this condition may have swelling in the afflicted areas, which can be prevented by wearing compression garments for a period of up to six weeks.
  • Infection: Infection is an extremely unlikely but possible consequence of any surgical procedure; if it does occur, the patient must undergo rapid medical assessment and antibiotic treatment.

In summary,

Finally, as a less invasive and more delicate substitute for conventional liposuction, 360 Vaser Lipo is a giant leap forward for cosmetic medicine. It has changed the way plastic surgeons do body contouring procedures because to its adaptability, little recovery time, and excellent results. But it’s still crucial to look at the individual patient’s situation and get their permission after explaining any restrictions or hazards. Potential customers should seek the advice of trustworthy experts who have demonstrated expertise in carrying out these processes in a safe and effective manner.