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Why Have Breast Enlargement Surgery?

If you’re like many of women, the idea of getting breast implants, whether to enhance or make your breasts more attractive, is both scary yet exciting. Breast Surgery is among the most well-known cosmetic procedures that are performed all over the globe.

When you get an increase in your breast size, you’re changing not just your breast size and chest proportions but as well your side profile and nipple positions as well. The change in this part of your body will change your appearance overall. This includes your overall body balance or proportional changes from both sides and the front profile.

Although you’ll appear different when you have a natural-looking outcome by a specialist plastic surgeon however, not everyone can tell you’ve had a breast enlargement. The positive side is that among the patients who have breast enhancement each year, close to 98% of them claim that the results of the surgery have either met or exceeded your initial expectation.

Over the last 50 years implants and the procedures used to insert them, have made significant progress. There are plenty of choices when it comes to implants. But, among the top choices are implants made of high-quality made by Motiva, Allergan or Mentor. These brands provide implants in many shapes, profiles and sizes.

Surgeons and women now have a variety of implants. And, only work with quality implants, not cheap ones, to help you have an enduring and natural results from breast surgery.

The potential benefits of having breast enhancement surgery using breast implants

Research indicates breast augmentation surgery may do more than increase your bust size.

If you’re looking good, you feel good. It goes without that confidence in yourself could increase following your procedure. In a study published in Clinical Psychological Science, plastic surgery was potentially linked to an increase in self-esteem.

Women who have body issues, for example an asymmetrical or crooked nose or breasts that are tubular, frequently seek out corrective cosmetic surgery to help:

Feel less self-conscious
Be less likely to be made fun of for their appearance
You can also become more confident. It doesn’t matter if the flaw was originally a ‘flaw’ or not – it’s the individual’s preferences and perceptions that count the most when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

It also showed that patients were happy with their body as a whole in general, not just the part in which they had the cosmetic surgery performed.

Plastic Surgery is not always the answer.

Although it’s true that plastic surgery can enhance self-confidence it’s important to remember that it’s not for everyone. people who have a disorganized or a poor body image and those that are unable to meet unrealistic expectations about surgery may not benefit from plastic surgery. Surgery cannot fix psychological problems.

Surgery isn’t a panacea for all of life’s issues. If you are considering the option of plastic surgery, you must discuss your surgery expectations with your surgeon. It is important to talk about what the surgery will and won’t perform.

Improved Sex Life and Satisfaction

Do you notice a change in your sexual life following breast augmentation surgery? If so, and how does it impact your relationship

Before we tackle the delicate subject of sexual intimacy after surgery, it’s important to keep in mind that each patient and even a couple, is unique. There are no two people who will experience identical reactions to body changes or surgery. This is not only a problem with surgery to increase breast size, but also to all plastic surgeries.

Your feelings about your body does, however, influence your feelings about having a relationship with a partner or having sexual relations. For some men and women, breasts are an important aspect of making love; for some, they are not.

You may lose some sensitivity within your breast region. It could be a short or long term problem. So, keep it in mind as it is a potential risk. If your breasts are an important aspect of your sexuality you might have take into account the dangers of losing sensitivities (but it’s not the case for every woman) and also having the larger breasts that you want.

It is our impression that patients who feel happy about their bodies and newly better-looking bodies after a an augmentation of the breasts or a breast lift, they seem to behave more confidently in all aspects of their lives.

Thisof course is not just about their close relationships.

It is extremely important to opt for surgery only to please yourself , and not to impress or draw attention to another person. You are the person who must go through the experience, the healing period , and be able to live with your results throughout you life (although implants can be removed, removed in the future or substituted). Therefore, make your decision with care and weigh all your options and the risks involved.

Surgery can be very serious you must be aware of that prior to deciding to lift or enlarge your breasts. If the procedure is chosen based on how you believe it will improve your feelings about your appearance – and if you get a result that you are comfortable with, it will be a good fit for your body shape and the look you wanted – this can increase confidence.

Remember, however, that some aspects of surgery aren’t managed or predicted Keep your expectations true.

If you feel your current breasts don’t look attractive or are disfigured or out of proportion with the shape of your physique (e.g., tuberous breasts, asymmetrical breasts or barely any breasts) you may feel yourself more uncomfortable in certain outfits (swimwear) than others in the vicinity.

Perhaps you feel uneasy or be afraid of being teased about the lack of breast tissue. It’s sad to see people bully other people for their appearance, however there are people who do this and it’s never enjoyable. But if this leaves you less inclined to go out or have a social gathering, you might find that your new body makes you feel less self-conscious.

To become less self-conscious means you’ll be MORE confident. Confident people naturally interact more with others and attract more friends and busier social life. There aren’t any guarantees for this, naturally however it is feasible and we’ve witnessed this in some people we see.

Body Balance and Your Figure: Your Breasts, Your Waist and Your Body

The procedure of enlarging the breasts can help women of all age groups achieve a more balanced body. It can give you bigger, more firm breasts and cleavage. A wider or more protruding breasts can help to enhance the waistline’s contours which gives you a slimmer and more attractive figure as opposed to a straight, straight figure. The ideal figure is the only thing that’s the decision of you.

The size of your torso could have an impact on how the augmentation appears in relation to the overall harmony of your physique.

Breast Lift or Augmentation with Age can turn back the Clock a Little

Drooping, sagging breasts are something that is often inevitable as we getting older or recovering from breastfeeding and pregnancy. If your nipples are pointing downwards’, it can cause you to appear older than you actually are and older than you feel inside.

Breast surgery (usually a breast lift or a combined breast lift and implants) is often able to correct breast droopiness and restore breast firmness, enhance breast shape and relocate the nipples back to the center of the breast.

You’ll find you can get more firm, perkier or voluminous breasts when you’ve had an augmentation procedure or the breast lift, or both, if you combine. Specialist Plastic Surgeons can help you comprehend what you need to do to get a good result, taking into account the level of:

breast skin laxity
Breast tissue
which size and shape your personal preference is the best

Along with feeling you look younger with firmer, more uplifted breasts, a lot of women feel more feminine after having surgery on their breasts. The appearance of cleavage or breasts that appear more attractive and sculpted is an important factor for many women who associate the breasts as a part of their identity as feminine or sexuality. Every woman is unique, however the above may or might not be true for you.

Breast Enlargement Surgery The Wardrobe Makeover

One of the greatest benefits of the breast augmentation procedure is the incredible wardrobe transformation after recovery is finished.

Prior to getting breast implants, many women may not feel comfortable with wearing; swimsuits, t-shirts and t-shirts clothes, spaghetti or strapless strap dresses or lower-cut blouses. This can be an issue when, for example, you’re attending a formal event or wedding, and you’re required to wear a dress which doesn’t flatter you . In fact, it could cause you to be a bit sloppy or require ‘bra-stuffers.’

If you have breast augmentation and a an attractive, natural-looking breast size that is compatible with your overall frame (height and weight, BMI) it is possible that your fashion choices go to the top. Just remember to wear a good, supportive bra during and after your surgery. You might be tempted to wear a bra less, particularly when you’re young, however, please don’t do it. Your breasts are new and require support to have a long-lasting effect and prevent premature drooping – so wear an appropriate support bra at all times.

Potentially increased lifestyle opportunities

Beauty and appearance are not an issue for us based on our genetic preferences as well as brain wires. We DO care about appearance. And in our lives, it may matter more than you thought.

An article in Psychology Today article suggests a person’s physical appearance plays an important role in everything from getting an affair, to being employed or even getting promoted. The people who appear attractive generally earn more. This isn’t right, in the sense that they may not be more proficient in any way. This shows us that appearance IS important to many of us. It’s not the case for everyone, but there are many. And that’s more than a cultural aspect of our lives, it is actually something that’s inherent to our genetic development that shows symmetry and equilibrium are the more appealing genes. (If you’re interested in this particular topic make sure to do some research as it’s fascinating).

The confidence of patients can change following surgery, often to the good. Everyone is different and there is no way to guarantee. In general being more confident can lead individuals to take more initiative in finding the right job, new partner or even travelling or trying a new course or new activity.

Good Posture After Breast Enlargement Surgery

Feeling confident or confident in your body DOES alter the way you look. Many patients stand up straighter after breast surgery to enlarge.

Should your breasts be too weighty or large, it could have an adverse effect on your posture. So make sure you choose an implant size that is sensible and not overly large.

Breast Plastic Surgeons often note the same postural improvements with breast reduction surgery patients (i.e. improved posture). So it may be that when you feel proud and self-confident about your chest area or the size of your bra, you are no longer squirming in an effort to conceal your chest or draw attention away from the area of your body.

Can Breast Enlargement Surgery or a Breast Lift improve your life if you have small, and droopy or asymmetrical breasts?

The impact that your breast enlargement surgery has on your life is really up to you and what you can expect. Set realistic expectations and talk about them in depth with your surgeon as well as the staff of your patient care so that you remain on the right track throughout the process.

Discuss your size and shape preferences as well as if you want any procedure to change the shape of your nose (this is generally an additional procedure, if you want it or as part of a breast lift or breast reduction). You are likely to; experience a boost in confidence and have more options for fashion and increase self-esteem when having surgery to increase the size of your breasts. But, everyone is unique.