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Are there different types of Australian spouse and partner visas?

The visa if you’re currently engaged to someone who is an Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Visa holder or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. The relationship should be genuine, exclusive ongoing, and committed over a minimum of 12 months prior to the time you can apply. You must supply a variety of documentation detailing the various areas of your partnership, such as your finances and the life you share together.

Naturally, because every couple is unique, they will have their own unique plans for their lives together. We can help you present your case in a professional way and guide you to the most appropriate documentation to prove what you have to provide.

What documents are required to serve to prove your identity and relationship to you?

You’ll need to submit various documents to establish your identity and relationship status. Be aware that the following list is a sample of the types of documents that might be required for your application. This list is not intended to serve as a complete checklist of documents. Taylor Hampton’s team Taylor Hampton can provide a comprehensive checklist of the required documents when we are aware of your particular situation. Because every relationship is unique and unique, you may require additional documentation in accordance with your particular situation.

Are there various types of Australian 配偶移民 visas?

As far as spouse and partner visas are involved, visas are available in three distinct varieties:

Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300)
Visa for partners (subclass 309 and 100)
Partner Visa (subclass 820 and 801)

This is the Provisory Partner Visa (Subclass 309)

Visa Type: Temporary Visa

The visa is able to be converted into permanent residency by means of Subclass 100 visa. Subclass 100 visa
The visa is valid within 2 years of the date of the initial application.

Who are ineligible?

You are married or have a relationship of fact with your sponsor
You are in a different country than Australia when you submit your application
Your sponsor should have the status of an Australian citizen who is permanently resident in Australia or be a New Zealand citizen

The Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 100)

Visa Type Permanent visa.

The visa is valid within 2 years following your Subclass 309 temporary visa has been granted to you.

Who are qualified?

You’ll need to be in possession of your Subclass 309 temporary visa.
You have to remain in an intimate relationship with the person who sponsors you.
You’ve had a romantic relationship you Australian lover for more than 3 years (or two years if you have an unborn child in the relationship)

The visa for temporary partners (Subclass 820)

Visa Type This is a short-term visa

This visa can be converted into Permanent Residency via Subclass 801 visa. Subclass 801 visa

Who can be eligible for this visa?

Anyone who is married their sponsor , or is in a relationship of fact
If they’re making the application to get this kind of visa in Australia

Your sponsor should have the status of an Australian citizen who is permanently resident in Australia or be a New Zealand citizen
A permanent partnership visa (Subclass 801)

It is a perpetual visa

The visa can be used for two years following that Subclass 820 temporary partner visa was granted.

Who can be eligible for this visa?

Anyone with an 820 subclass temporary visa.
You have to remain in contact with the person the one who is sponsoring you.
You’ve experienced a romance the Australian lover for more that 3 years (or two years if you have a child born from the relationship)

The Fiance Visa or the marriage visa that is prospective (Subclass 300)

Visa type It is a temporary visa

You must show your intention to get married by a sponsor
You’ll have nine months for travel Australia
You must get married to or be sponsored by your spouse within the first 9 months from the date of visa issue
The visa is able to be converted to a short-term spouse visa (Subclass 820)

Who is eligible to apply for this visa?

If you’re already married with someone that is Australian citizen or permanent resident, you are eligible to marry a New Zealand citizen.
When you are sure that both of your spouse are in an authentic and intimate relationship.
You plan to tie the knot with your spouse within nine months from the date of visa approval.

What is the legality on the visa for Australian spouses and partners?

It is the Australian Partner Visa is a permanent residence visa. Some applicants receive an interim visa to start with. This can lead to permanent residency after two years.

It is a Permanent Visa is generally granted to those that have been in relationships with an Australian spouse for at the least three years. This time frame is extended to 2 years in the event that you have a kid in the relationship.

How and where to apply

It is important to note that Partner Visa applications are lodged with the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

You may be inside or outside Australia at the time your application is made. The applicants who reside in Australia receive the Bridging Visa which allows them to stay legally within the country until the Partner Visa is decided on. The application must be made while your original Visa is in effect. It is not possible to apply for a visa in-country if your substantive Visa has an “no more stay” condition, or when there are other conditions that prevent you from submitting an in-country application that is valid.

How long does the application of the Australian partner visa be?

The Visa application process are often lengthy, therefore it is recommended to begin the application once you’ve made a decision on your relocation plans. The processing times vary every now and then and are based on many aspects, including the complexity of the situation, yearly family visa allocation quotas the number of applications that are that are in the pipeline, and many other elements. Making sure you submit a fully-formed, decision-ready application is certain to allow you to complete your application in the fastest time feasible.

Since October of 2020 in 2020, the Australian Department of Home Affairs has allocated a larger amount of Australian partner visas. This means that processing time for visas has been dramatically increased and we have seen applications completed faster.

What is the cost of submitting an application to get the Australian partnership visa?

Beginning July 1, 2021, starting on July 1, 2021 the Australian partner visa fee will be AUD$7,850.

For a dependent child to be added who is younger than 18 is priced at AUD$1,965 and $3,930 for an adult dependent child who is over 18.

In addition, applicants should plan for medical and police reports, as well as any other costs in the event of any.