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Legal Consultation: Benefits and Expectations

The ideal time to seek legal advice is before making any major decisions or take any irrevocable decision. If you’re thinking of separating from your spouse or asking them to get divorce, or the tensions between you have been at a point of breaking and you are in need of advice, this is the best moment to seek out advice.

These are the reasons why early advice is advisable.

You can assess all possibilities

Divorce can be a complicated process and although the end game is to arrive at a certain point, ie. that you are legally no longer married and/or in civil partnerships, how you arrive at that point could be accomplished in a variety of ways. Family law doesn’t need to be a case of litigation and being in court. There are a variety of more collaborative ways to approach negotiations, such as the collaborative and mediation process. A family lawyer can explain every option that are available, giving you time to consider what is best for you and the children you might have. There are a lot of options available with regards to costs that are beneficial to consider and plan for at an early age.

Be aware of both the short term and the long term

Speaking with an attorney for your family early can help you think about what you would like to achieve in both the short as well as the long term. A lot of people’s first focus is on the short-term and finding a way out of their frustration. However, taking rash action at this time can affect the long-term relationship you have with your spouse. That relationship is generally worth maintaining in good standing, especially if there are children from the relationship.

If you’re not already in a corner

We can help people whatever stage they’re at. However, it’s not uncommon for individuals to only consult a solicitor after having separated with their partner. Unfortunately in these cases, if a significant action was already taken, such as one person moving from the home shared with another your options become more limited. The advantage of seeking advice earlier in the process before any firm decision have been made is that you still have options to you.

You can find out which side you’re on

There’s a lot of hearsay around family law and a number of perpetual myths prevail. Family law is also evolving and changing – though at a relatively slow pace. So, what you believed you had a good understanding of divorce, separation or civil partnership dissolution might not be factually correct. Being aware of where you stand from a legal perspective will give you security, or at the very least, enable you to proceed in a way that is informed using the benefits of knowing.

Start from a position of calm

Divorce is often emotional and the stress involved often leads people to act outside of their typical behavior. It is important to seek out advice early so that you can remove some of the emotion and assess the situation objectively, and focus on resolving issues rather than having your emotions affect your decisions. Beginning this way could be a good idea, and this strategy should continue throughout your case which will ultimately help you achieve an efficient and quick resolution.

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