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The benefits of making no win no fee claim

A lot has been written on no win, not fee claims. In fact, if you’ve ever been hurt you might wonder whether these offer the best advice.

CFA (conditional-fee agreements) are commonly used to describe these claims. They offer many advantages for victims of injury or accidents.

This is a close look at a No Win, No Fee Agreement and the benefits of making such claims.

An honest opinion

A solicitor you don’t trust should not be your friend. But, it is a good idea to have a no win/no fee arrangement. This adds an extra layer of protection.

If you’re the victim and are paying for the solicitor’s services, there may be concerns about whether the solicitor is being honest about the odds of success. If you are not certain that the case will win or your expectations are too high, a good personal injuries solicitor should be upfront with you.

It is possible to be worried about paying them for their services.

No win, no fee solicitors will give you peace of mind knowing they will be truthful and let you know if there is a valid claim. It’s not advantageous for a CFA-certified solicitor to accept cases that aren’t possible to win. This allows you to trust that the advice they give you will be based on the right professional reasons.

A specialist solicitor should only handle personal injury claims. This is why they are better equipped to represent you and help you win even if your case seems extremely difficult.

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Allows for more people to claim

Cost could motivate a decision about whether or not you file a claim if you don’t have enough money.

This means that the most vulnerable people won’t be financially able to pursue a claim.

A claim on a no win, non-fee basis allows the judge to decide on the merits rather than on financial considerations. This system is far more fair and guarantees everyone the right to receive the compensation they need.

Motivates your legal representatives

Your lawyer and legal team will most likely do their best to win the case. But a no win no fee case gives you some extra motivation.

If your case is unsuccessful, your solicitor won’t be able recoup their costs. Solicitors have a greater incentive than ever to help you win your case.

An excellent solicitor will not require the motivation …., but it is a nice thing to have the incentive.

A No Win No Cost structure for a claim can be a much more fair way to go about a case. The possibility of facing a substantial legal bill or having to pay them upfront could deter genuine claimants. The purpose of a claim is not to make a lot of cash, but to provide fair redress to people who have suffered as a result. A no win, non fee claim is an effective and efficient way to make sure everyone has access unprejudiced, fair legal advice.