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Main Differences Between VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy along with VidIQ are both great and powerful channel management toolkits However, are they really that different? We’ll be comparing VidIQ vs Tubebuddy in order to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

Olga Kay, a trained circus juggler who is now the top performer YouTube celebrity has earned between $100,000 and $130,000 annually through YouTube. More ordinary people earn their living from YouTube or ‘new Hollywood the world’s second largest search engine after Google.

With over one billion users, it offers 300 hours of new content featuring on it every minute. Everyone online loves videos. In fact, as per research, 4x more customers would prefer to view videos of a product rather than to read about it.

YouTube video the queen of videos will bring you 20X greater engagement than Facebook and, with it, more sales than any other social network.

Let’s assume that you’ve got a wonderful video that you can cook for the millions of users on YouTube. A great theme, good audio, stunning visuals You’ve got a thumb-stopping content in unfortunately what is the most ADHD platform.

The thing about YouTube is the fact that even relevant and authentic content can not be noticed. Making a YouTube video and making sure that it is seen by your viewers are two completely different things. Video marketing isn’t just an easy task.


Each VidIQ together with TubeBuddy are fantastic tools to help with YouTube channel growth management, but Tubebuddy has more useful features (over 60 vs. 25) and a more affordable pricing plan for all tiers. The only place where the VidIQ tool is unique is its deep data on revenue tracking and channel analytics.

There are a few key differences between VidIQ and TubeBuddy

The primary difference among VidIQ and TubeBuddy is that:

TubeBuddy is available as an Chrome extensions, Firefox as well as Safari browser extensions. However, the VidIQ extension is only available to Chrome browser extensions
TubeBuddy has more advanced analytics and data, whereas VidIQ’s analytics tend to be more basic.
The paid plans for VidIQ begin with a price that is $7.50 per month, while TubeBuddy begins at $9 per month.

Why YouTubers require Channel Management Toolkits

YouTube as with all social media accounts requires a lot of time for maintenance and moderation.

A YouTube account that has more than a million YouTube users will need a lot of patience and time to answer millions of comments , while also updating the content to keep the viewers happy. You’ll be spending too much time managing the account that you will have no time left to produce new content!

If you fail to listen to your viewers and fail to engage with them in the most timely of ways, you could eventually lose the whole audience. The secret to success on YouTube is active engagement.

Your default YouTube studio isn’t enough for the needs of your YouTube channel. How do you ensure that all your content is optimized for YouTube and also that you’re in control of the activity on your YouTube account?

Easy! Use a tool that can solve the painful publishing process and move higher into YouTube channel moderation and marketing to help you get greater results from YouTube. One of the most formidable tools for this purpose is TubeBuddy.

This is the First Episode: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy’s aim is to make you happy and more productive while YouTubing by providing you with a set of tools that are super.

It is a browser extension tool that integrates beautifully as an YouTube tool, increasing the tools of your publisher in a snap. It offers both publishing and management tools that assist in the optimization and expansion of the YouTube channel.

Tube Buddy Tube Buddy you will not need to optimize your videos’ titles, descriptions, and tags for Youtube views.

Its silver bullet is its ability to manage annotations and cards that are the most important factor in traffic. Consider all the time this tool will spare you by updating those 60 seconds cards that you need to insert into your webinar videos?

TubeBuddy will perform these roles, but more smartly and much faster. TubeBuddy will also assist with the analysis of video optimization and Tubular analytics (channel analytics in general) and also assist in improving the overall plan of action. TubeBuddy’s capabilities are classified into four primary groups:

Bulk processing
Video SEO
Data and Research

As amazing as many of them are it’s almost impossible to take them all in all at once, so below is an overview of some that are most exciting.

I’ll admit that I didn’t “get” the necessity for channel management tools initially. What’s the problem? Boy was I WRONG. TubeBuddy brings it all together with best in class analytics for bulk processing, bulk processing, and kick ass video SEO optimization!

Tools for productivity

The videos include the sunset and playlist actions (playlists) and emoji picker canned responses, scheduled updates for video management for card template templates.

Emoji picker: Research suggests that there’s been of up to 775 percent uptake of emoji usage for marketing and advertising information. Since YouTube has embraced these small, expressive bits of information You can incorporate them in your titles and descriptions. On YouTube they are search appropriate and may be utilized to search for specific videos, so long as they are relevant. The Emoji Picker can make it possible to add Emoji symbols to your content, so they stand out in a sea of like videos.
Creator of thumbnails. A thumbnail image of a video is the primary thing viewers on YouTube will first see and can either give an impression, or fails to entice. A well-designed thumbnail will improve your channel’s traffic. Building them with traditional tools like the Photoshop application has never been a walk in the park this is the reason why TubeBuddy’s custom Thumbnail Generator is such a success.

Bulk processing equipment

With TubeBuddy’s bulk processing options, you will find its bulk copies, delete cards or update cards, as well as a copies end screens to name only a handful of. These tools are made to make sure that you don’t lose your hair while doing the manual process of adding and editing your video’s cards, titles or descriptions on bulk video.

Card copies in bulk The benefits of these cards are that not only do YouTube cards guide your viewers to URLs, but they could help in bringing more engagement with videos. This feature allows you to add those cards in bulk giving you more time.
Bulk Find replace and append: This program is a godsend for the times when you’ll need to delete video descriptions and titles from say the previous Webinar in preparation for a future one. You can find amongst bulk videos all titles, tags, and descriptions and append or change them swiftly. If you’ve got a brand new website that you’d like to link the videos to, you could also use this tool to replace them in bulk with new hyperlinks and remove all existing references where necessary.

YouTube SEO Tool

Keyword tools and optimization (including the research of keywords) is crucial for YouTube SEO, also known as search result ranking. It helps get a huge viewership. TubeBuddy offers a range of tools for SEO in videos that include keyword rank tracking, insta-suggest, captions service including auto-translator and tag list.

This Youtube keyword tool assists in optimizing your content so that it appears as an Related Video when you search for Related Video on list of global viewers and the most popular videos (keyword research tools).

Auto Translator

This tool is all you require to make your YouTube global on YouTube. It will translate descriptions, video tags, and titles into various languages, thereby increasing your reach.

Keyword Rank Tracking

The main goal of many YouTube creators is to have their work listed on YouTube’s suggested list. It may not be feasible at all times, but most content on YouTube can be found via searches. This is why keywords are highly effective for ranking.

If you are unable to track the outcomes of your video’s SEO it is possible that your efforts will go to waste since there will be no feedback on video performance. TubeBuddy’s Keyword Rank Tracking tool analyzes not only what you are doing with your video’s SEO, but also your competitor’s too!

Promotion Tools

Publish killer content Create amazing content YouTube, but if you don’t make it available for marketing and make it visible to visitors. In TubeBuddy’s tools for promotions are some that involve a share tracker, description promotions, coupon codes subscriber outreach and featured video promotion too.

Promotional Materials

This TubeBuddy tool allows you to create promotion links to your email or website campaigns. The links are optimized to ensure that you are able to track your click-throughs as well as other important metrics for your marketing channels.

Share Tracker

To increase the number of views In order to increase viewership, you should share your YouTube across multiple platforms continuously. The most effective method to keep an eye on your shares to ensure that you don’t stop duplicating social shares or ignoring other platforms is to use the Share Tracker on TubeBuddy.

Data & Research Tools

Tube Buddy’s tools for data and research will gather enough data to help you understand your channels and videos performance on YouTube. Then, you can innovate and create growth strategies to make sure that your channel keeps expanding. A few of these powerful tools include; Videolytics, Channelytics, Health Report, Brand Alerts, and Competitor Scorecard.

Health Report

It will be easier to discern what works for your channel and what’s not by analyzing your videos and channel’s overall performance and overall health. This tool is designed for this purpose and gives demographics, search volume (search volume) or watch time data.

Brand Alerts

Brand Alerts will ensure that you’re notified whenever a video about you or your channel is posted online. It will also keep an eye on YouTube in the event of a brand new upload which involves your company or you in general, when they upload videos to their channel.

Next Up: VidIQ

A YouTube content maker has the ultimate goal of having an abundance of amazed subscribers. The art of creating a YouTube audience is not easy. However, creating great content before uploading it, then hope you’ll be lucky enough that YouTube gods will love your content and help you become famous isn’t working either.

A YouTuber has to seize every opportunity to improve their visibility on YouTube. The status of the YouTube creator today renders you more powerful than a traditional Hollywood famous person. In fact 70percent of teenager subscribers claim that they relate to YouTube influencers better than stars!

The road to accessibility lies in analytics, and VidIQ is a YouTube-certified management and audience development tools that are perfect for such SEO tasks.

The VidIQ vision is a great integration with YouTube, assisting you in many ways such as scheduled video upload, YouTube SEO, Twitter and Facebook engagement analytics and insights, comments moderation, or bulk description video editing tools. VidIQ basically takes the work out of managing channels and digital marketing, ensuring that you reach a wider target audience.

VidIQ can be used as a browser plugin or a plug-in extension (browser extension) and is extremely easy to use. It is different from Tube Buddy its dashboard, which tends to block the screen, VidIQ keeps its the IQ icon to the right side of the browser toolbar. Its analytics and real-time trending stats bar panel can be accessed to the right of your videos, in the event that it is required.

Like TubeBuddy a lot of VidIQ features are completely free (free plan) therefore you are able to take it for a test drive before making a commitment to premium features. Here are some great features of VidIQ.

VidIQ is one of the few COMPLETE YouTube SEO and Optimization suites. Baseline plan to at least 2x your traffic and rank only by following VidIQ suggestions. Best of all, the fully featured Basic Plan is FREE.

Custom Reporting and Analysis

The VidIQ tool aids YouTube creators to focus on what is driving the amount of time viewers spend on their channel. Some of its features are an analytics graph of engagement which gives an overview of all your channel’s FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube engagement statistics all in one place. The analytics capabilities of VidIQ beat those of YouTube hands down due to the fact that they are organized and visually appealing.

There’s a feature called “Best Time of Day” that you can use to publish to YouTube to ensure that your channel’s schedule of programming is covered to maximize engagement.

And in case you are also interested in your audience’s demographics, such as gender or location it is possible to view this information in the YouTube Audience Demographics feature. Another analytics feature that you could find interesting is viewer sources data according to watch time, which avails top Google and YouTube key words and prhases that are driving viewers to watch.

Influencer Discovery

An excellent analytics tool must provide an analysis of your subscribers and VidIQ has it all down to a science. This information will give you an idea on who is watching comments and liking your content. If you’d prefer to find out what your subscribers are watching on other channels or which ones they’re a subscriber to, apart from yours, this feature is all you need. This professional feature will help you discover who your best followers are and how you can communicate with them for long-lasting engagement.

Channel Management Services

VidIQ’s premium channel management services show channel audit data, YouTube analytics, and support and account strategies to ensure that your content strategy will be a good fit to the needs of your viewers.

Workflow Automation

Alongside great content, long-tail keywords such as keyword research modules, keyword suggestion (and the right keywords generally), tags such as cards, annotations, and tags will help subscribers find your content more quickly and boost their time spent watching.

They must be optimized for greater effectiveness, however with YouTube’s YouTube tag for instance with a 500-character limit, you’d have to devote a lot of time to manually create them to create the stream of hundreds of video that you may be able to post on your channel. The workflow automation feature of VidIQ will save you money, time and sanity and automate these functions so you can get back to doing what you enjoy doing best: creating excellent content!

Community Management

Everyone on YouTube loves when their viewers are engaged enough to share their thoughts However, what happens if all of your fans choose to bombard you with thousands of comments? Use VidIQ to control the number of comments, engage with community members and for uploading videos too.