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Reasons to have scalp micropigmentation

Learn more about the details below to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of SMP.

If you’re looking for an answer to your hair loss, you’ve probably been exposed to pills, vitamins or hair transplants, wigs and thickening lotions. But do you know if there is a 100% guaranteed solution?

The process of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is one well-known treatment to prevent hair loss, however, like every treatment there’s pros and cons you need to be considered.


1. SMP results are 100% guaranteed

The scalp micropigmentation procedure will work, and can be accomplished in the space of a few weeks. Micropigmentation involves the injection of pigment into the skin to recreate how hair hair follicles appear providing you with the appearance of a full head shaving hair. After the 3 sessions the product is completed. (Make sure you choose an established clinic and an experienced artist to ensure satisfaction of the results)

2. It is simple to maintain.

Contrary to other treatments that thicken hair it is a low-risk procedure and there is no cost or lengthy maintenance. Since as Scalp Micropigmentation is a kind of tattoo, it is important to shield the treatment from the sun by applying normal sun lotion.

3. SMP treatment looks real

The results are not only extremely realistic, but others might even believe that you’ve decided to cut your hair to avoid losing it due to male pattern hair loss. You can tell your loved ones or family members or just keep it to yourself. nobody will doubt the new style.

4. Micropigmentation with Scalp is completely safe

There’s an option that is viable for men suffering from hair loss that does not require any major surgical procedure or dangerous procedures. SMP is an easy and efficient solution that has no danger or risk.

5. SMP is a permanent condition

SMP London is classified to be a long-lasting cosmetic procedure Once you’ve had all the procedures completed, hair is restored for good.

6. SMP gets older with you

The tattoo is called a micropigmentation that means it won’t change the color. After a few years, it can start to fade into lighter shades.

If you would like your hair’s shade that reflects your age become gray naturally You can control this by not putting on a lot of treatment, and let it become lighter as you get older.

7. A less expensive alternative to hair transplant

Hair transplants in the UK costs anywhere from to PS30,000 based on the degree of hair loss , and it could take several attempts to achieve a lasting outcome.

The disadvantages of SMP

1. The style of your hair will never change

Hair lets you have the freedom to cut and alter your appearance. When you are beginning to lose hair, you lose control. Scalp micropigmentation is a solution however you’ll never get a buzz cut. Many people are happy with this, however it’s not suitable for everyone.

Naturally, you are able to change the shape of your hairline in time. It is possible to do this by altering the side profile or the density of the hair. These tweaks can still provide variety if you want.

2. You’ll need to continue shaving

For the best results of the appearance it is essential to shave frequently. The hair that grows must be kept to a minimum of 0.5. The frequency you have to shave will depend on the speed at which the hair grows, however the ideal amount is at minimum twice per week.

Although this may be easy to maintain, it could cause fatigue for certain. The best way to combat this is to choose an effective shaving routine that you can use. It could be an electric razor, hair clippers, or a wet shave while in the shower.

3. It could require a refill

It typically takes three sessions to finish the initial treatment. You might need to come back again within the next year to treat any signs of fading. In the following years, you’ll be fine for anywhere between 4 and six years. After that, you’ll need to go back to get your coloration filled up.

4. Aftercare is available following every session.

One of the main disadvantages associated with SMP are the post-treatment required. The suggested pre-treatment guidelines and post-treatment advice here. The good thing is that the following care is simple and includes things like not getting the treatment wet or applying lotions for four days after treatment.

5. Micropigmentation of the Scalp isn’t 3D.

Micropigmentation of the scalp can convince people that you’ve shaved your head. This is because of how precise it appears at the eyes of a human. What it doesn’t contain is any 3D texture of the skin. Thus, if someone puts their hands over your scalp it will feel the skin is smooth. Hair tattoos are comparable to a regular skin tattoo, in that it is placed upon the surface. It’s not 3D despite its ultra-realistic look.

If you think about it all things considered, people who’ve had SMP have said that the two major drawbacks of SMP are the procedure of getting your head tattooed as well as the long-term aftercare regimen you have to adhere to. In the end, it’s quite positive when compared to other treatments for hair loss available.

The choice of scalp micropigmentation as a treatment for reduction in hair can be a major decision that needs to be carefully considered. Always consult with a specialist to receive the most appropriate advice for your specific situation prior to deciding to move forward. Many clinics provide a no-cost consultation with a professional to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have.