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Six benefits of going faux with your flower arrangements

Flowers are a great addition to any home. They can add colour and vibrancy to your spaces, as well inject fresh scents.
Fake arrangements are becoming more popular in recent years, as design enthusiasts prefer to use dried or artificial bunches. These are just a few of the reasons faux flowers could make your interior design decision one of the most important.

1. They’re always “in season.”

One of the biggest flaws in fresh bunches, is that sometimes you can’t access your preferred species (e.g., roses, peonies and tulips) all year.

Faux arrangements can be purchased from January to December and will look great no matter how long they are kept around.

2. No allergic reactions

Fresh flowers may not be an option if you have allergies.

Fake arrangements make it possible to preserve this stunning feature without fearing a flare up.

3. Find the difference

Some luxury artificial bouquets look so natural that you won’t be able to tell the differences! These artificial bunches look very real, mimicking the textures and shapes of real objects, and are presented in a water-like material.

4. They can live wherever they please

No matter where your vase is placed, whether it’s in the bathroom windowill or the sun-soaked conservatory, you can rest assured that florals will not dry out or become brittle from excess sunlight or moisture.

Artificial flowers are more resilient than fresh flowers and can withstand the winter months without heating.

5. Repurpose your wedding flower arrangements

You have the option of having a dried arrangement of your wedding flowers for years as a wonderful reminder of your special day.

You can also freeze your bouquets after the big day to preserve them as a keepsake.

6. The pet-friendly option

Certain flower and plant species can be dangerous for your furry friends. Artificial bunches may be an option to keep your pet’s eyes happy, but they can also be dangerous to their health.

We would love to hear about your preference for artificial arrangements in your home.