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Tips for deciding on a Cardiff Wedding Photographer

This post is intended for couples who want stunning wedding photos that reflect how kick-ass amazing they had their day. It will set you off in the right direction to find your perfect wedding photographer.

There are some frequent mistakes made by couples when booking their wedding photographer. This blog will guide you to avoid those mistakes and help you get on the right track to selecting a photographer that is reliable and will create stunning photos of the most memorable day of your life.

This blog post isn’t a way to sell my photography. I will, of course, make use of my experience as a reference point, however in no way am I declaring that I am the only photographer to look into. My approach may not work for your needs.

For example, I’m not a photographer who does magazines with a vogue look If that’s what you like, then that’s cool but I’m not the photographer for you.

But, by following these tips you will locate the photographer who will please you the best results and leave with wedding photographs that really convey the essence of your day , and showcase how you look.

how to select your wedding photographer

Tip 1

Do you like them? Do they seem like someone you’d invite to your wedding as guest? You want the person you choose to book to feel like an individual rather than “the assistance”.
This is the most crucial aspect to think about, they will be there for some of the most memorable moments of your life, the more comfortable you are with your photographer the more relaxed and natural your wedding pictures will look.

If you don’t enjoy them as a person or you are unable to connect with them, no matter how amazing your wedding pictures look, they’ll always be as a result of the terrible experiences you’ve had.

The best thing you can do when you think you’ve discovered the photographer who shoots the style you prefer is to check out the “about the photographer” webpage on their site.

This page will provide some insight into them as a person, and not as a wedding photographer.
If it’s full of stories of how they have been taking pictures of people since they were able to walk and grew up with a camera in their hand they’re not telling you anything about themselves.

These statements don’t provide any insight into what they’re like to hang out with. Yes, they can take amazing photos and they know their equipment to the back of their hand, but the only question you should be able to answer with this site is “Do I like this person or is he a dick”?

Tip 2

If they seem like they’re too good to be true it is probably because they are, seems like a given, but you’ll be surprised by the quantity of times customers buy solely on price.

If someone is offering a PS200 reduction on a product which is already on the lower part of the bracket ask yourself why. If they don’t think much of their own work, would they even bother to talk about the product they sell to you.

(There can be some exceptions to this rule and you may be lucky, but do you really need to rely on luck for something that will serve as an everlasting reminder the day you got married)?

Tip 3

Beware of photographers who offer a “selection of different styles” and/or “tailor their style to you”

It could be that they haven’t nailed down their own style yet . the wedding photos could appear inconsistent or even worse.

The old saying “jack of all trades is master of none” is often true in these scenarios..

Tip 4

Wedding photographers can be booked very quickly. They will usually be accepting bookings two years in advance and weekends that are more popular in peak season will be quickly filled up as well.

It is likely that from the moment that you got engaged, you started looking for wedding ideas as well as suppliers even before you set the date. You began following that particular photographer who seems to be capturing your attention and you can see yourself in their photos. You’ve liked their pictures and have shared their stories.

Once you’ve booked your venue and your wedding date is fixed and not just pencilled in your calendar as a possibility , now is the perfect time to talk to that ideal Cardiff wedding photographer.

As an extra tip and this is applicable to any wedding service you’re interested in. If you are interested in them, make an appointment as soon as possible. Your instincts are rarely wrong.
To quote the 1980’s rom-com, When Harry met Sally “I knew the way you’d be able to tell the difference between a good and a bad melons”.

Tip 5

Photographers always share photos, share their work and showcase their finest work. Chances are the first place you’ll find their work is social media. If they appear to be sharing the wedding pictures you want to see then pop over to their website and browse their blog, if they have one.

These blog posts usually showcase an entire wedding day, you may even be lucky and come across a post showing a wedding in your preferred venue. You are looking for consistency in the pictures the showcase shot is great and could look gorgeous in a frame as the central pages of your album . However, in the event that the rest of the photos around this are mediocre or don’t follow the same style , you should be cautious. A handful of amazing images don’t make lifelong memories.

Extra tip – Don’t stress even if your photographer has never taken photos of your wedding venue previously. Professional photographers will always do a recce before the big day and find out the best locations for photographs. It’s not often that they shoot blind. Also, wedding photographers are highly adaptable (it is a result of many years of weddings that have been working where factors like the weather or light are able to change quickly, particularly for weddings in Wales)

Tip 6

Real brides’ reviews.
Many photographers will have reviews available on their site (I do) It’s a great starting point but remember they are not going to post bad reviews.

Go through Google reviewsand FB reviews if they have them. A good way to determine is to determine if the reviews they have on various platforms match with the wedding they’ve written about. This will allow you to see in person the effort that got a rave review. Also, look for reviews that tell you more than “She/he gave us great pictures”.

If the reviews of their customers constantly comment about their capacity to be part of the day or aid you relax and those are what you’re searching for in stunning photos, you’re on the right track to be winning.

Also, ask your friends who are married they’ll be truthful with you, but make sure that the photographer you choose is someone who matches what you are looking for, simply because your best friend who loves vogue style photos raves about their photographer doesn’t mean they’ll be able to provide the more relaxing fun pictures you’re after.

Tip 7

Talk to them. in the chaotic times that we live in, it’s unlikely to meet with the photographer before you decide to book the photographer. However, a phone call or a zoom call will help you discover your photographer a little better and, if they are not already, prove that they’re a real person.

Zoom calls can be somewhat strange to begin with, but many of us have become accustomed to them over the last year, when you chat with them, do they make you at ease or even make you laugh? do they ask you about your wedding day, and not offer you a big deal on wedding costs before being asked about the wedding.

One of the most memorable meetings I have had we barely talked about weddings. We just talked and enjoyed each other’s company. I was once in just the beginning 10 minutes a meeting talking about computer games and comics with the groom at that point I kinda knew these guys were going to be perfect for me. (They booked me too).
Many people are able to tell if enjoy a person in the first few moments of talking with them so even if their pictures are amazing if you don’t enjoy them then they might not be right for you.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of must-haves and don’ts but by following these seven tips you will be well on your way to answering the question about how to pick the right wedding photographer.

Each person’s preferences will vary in their expectations of an artist, but that you should trust your instincts.

If you are comfortable with them and you seem to get on then reserve them prior to when someone else does.