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What to consider when choosing a wedding venue

The next step is to choose the venue where you want your wedding to take place. However, it can also be very overwhelming. With our expertise in planning, we have helped many couples transform from confused to calm brides and grooms-to-be.


Many of these questions will be obvious to you when you are planning your wedding. But, you may need to take some time to determine the answers. Our experts are here to answer your questions.

1. What works for you

Nobody is more knowledgeable about the style of wedding that you desire than you. The fun part is deciding on the wedding type you want and the venue that will best suit your needs. Are you going for a church wedding? Are you planning to have the ceremony and reception in one location? If yes, you will need to find a place that has a license for civil ceremony. We are here to help, no matter if you need assistance in choosing a venue or if you would like us to plan and cater your wedding elsewhere. Let us know what you want and we will do the rest.

You should consider whether you prefer a formal or more traditional wedding or if you are going for something different. The type of entertainment you would like to see at your wedding reception could be affected by the venue and its ability to accommodate your preferences. You should also consider whether you want to bring your own suppliers to the event.

2. Your wedding date

You should choose a venue that is open on the date you want to get married. It really comes down to what you value most: the place or the time. You should keep in mind that certain venues are extremely popular during summer months, and can book up years ahead. High summer is peak wedding season, so venues will often be priced accordingly. You can save big on wedding venues Singapore by choosing to have them on weekdays, Sundays, or winter.

3. Size

Which is more important – the venue or the guest list? The one can always predetermine the other, like a chicken and egg paradox. A smaller venue is a better choice if you are arranging a small, intimate wedding with a limited guest list.

But what if you find a venue that you like but the party is smaller than you planned? You can either create your guest list first, then look for a suitable venue. Or you can find the venue and build your guest list.

4. Prices

It can be difficult to talk about the cost of a marriage. However, it is an important part of selecting a venue for your wedding. If your budget is tight, consider where you will spend the money and where savings are possible. You may want to spend less on catering but more on your venue. Treat your guests to spectacular entertainment. Consider how much money you can afford, and add an amount to cover unexpected costs. Next, be ready to have serious discussions about the best way to spend each dollar.

5. Lage

While it’s traditional for the bride to be married in her hometown or with her parents, this is increasingly impossible for many couples. Nowadays, couples are more likely choose a venue near their home or in a nearby area. You must decide whether you want to live in a city or country. Both have pros and cons. Country weddings have more options and beautiful locations for photos, but they can also be far less accessible and difficult to reach. These weddings are trendy, cultured and easy to arrange. They also allow guests to make their wedding a mini-break.

Although your feelings about your venue will be important, you should also consider whether it is within a reasonable distance of your family members and friends. Is there enough to make guests travel from far away? Are you able to provide enough entertainment for guests who are traveling from far away?


Now that you have some knowledge about the market, it is time to dig into the details and make your final decision.

This is why we have created a checklist that can help you decide.

Do you want a religious ceremony or a non-religious one?
Do you want the ceremony and reception to be held in the same venue?
Is it something I truly, deeply love? Is it just another contender?
What season would I like to be married in?
Is the venue still available for me on the day I wish?
Do I have to be flexible about the date if it’s not possible?
Can I afford my chosen date?
Is it big enough for my guest?
Do I have the flexibility to make the guest list larger or smaller?
Are you open to an off-peak or weekly day wedding in order to cut costs?
Is it right where you need?
Are the guests comfortable (ie, transportation, accommodation, access)?
How important is outdoor space?
Do I have all entertainment options (e.g. fireworks, etc.) at the venue?