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Why Do We Have Flowers At Funerals?

Blossoms have long been a prominent method to express respect, condolence, love, and sympathy particularly after the passing of a person we all know.

But so why do we work with them and what will they mean?

We look into the story of flowers also the importance of flowers in a funeral service below…

The Meaning Behind Funeral Flowers

Now blossoms are utilized at funerals as a visible phrase of our sympathy, grief, respect and love to the deceased, but this wasn’t forever the truth.

In times that are early, fragrant funeral flowers were positioned on and all around the casket of the deceased to perfume the spot and prevent the scent of the rotting body.

Fortunately, we discovered a far better method to control the odour, though the floral trend stayed.

Mid-Western funeral practices and then discovered the job of’ Flower Ladies’ have, a job as vital as acting as a pall bearer.

6 women who were generally close family members or maybe friends of the deceased would bring the blossoms right into a flower vehicle and also assistance to set them up in the cemetery.

Nevertheless, this particular role faded and today everybody is welcome to express the feelings of theirs through flowers by getting a flower arrangement which embodies their feelings and relationship towards the deceased and the loved ones of theirs.

It’s additionally now common to transmit sympathy flowers or perhaps a hamper on the house of good family members of the deceased.

Typical Funeral Flower Meanings


Lilies are maybe the most widely used flower at funeral services due to the representation of theirs of the innocence which is restored in the soul of the deceased.

Any kind of white lily is suitable as they represent majesty and purity.

Nevertheless, the white stargazer lily particularly symbolises sympathy, and capabilities in numerous funeral as well as sympathy floral arrangements & bouquets.

Serenity Lily

The peace lily is definitely utilized in religious ceremonies as the flower symbolizes purity, harmony, innocence, and peace after death.

They’re additionally believed being related to the resurrection of Jesus Christ since they die in the winter and come to life of the spring.

The peace lily additionally makes an excellent sympathy gift as a result of the ability of its to revive itself.

It is a pleasant place to offer to the household of the deceased as a reminder that the soul of theirs still lives on.


Much as cream lilies, white roses symbolize innocence and purity, and therefore are a typical addition to funeral floral arrangements and sympathy like Cloud and Serenity.

Some other colours of roses may also be used to recall the deceased. Pink roses position for love, appreciation and grace and are often awarded to the bereaved, while deep red roses symbolise grief.

Yellow-colored roses signify relationship and are provided by friends of the deceased to symbolize the loyalty of theirs.


Potted orchids certainly are a long-lasting elegant plant which make the ideal option for a sympathy gift.

The unusual flower evokes emotions of innocence and renewal, and the orchid flower means’ I will like you’.

Various colors have various meanings, therefore it is essential to find out what they really mean before sending a floral delivery.


Chrysanthemums are a typical characteristic in floral arrangements at funeral services because yellow chrysanthemums carry meanings connected with the demise associated with a loved one, like grief and mourning.

Whether you send out a wreath, floral cross, bin of brighter blooms, or maybe a sympathy squirt, in a modern or traditional design, declare it with flowers and also send the most perfect sympathy and funeral blossoms to express the way you think.

The floral tributes of ours are marked as being appropriate for delivery to the home or maybe service, and the Interflora florists of ours are able to provide the advice of theirs on the best choice of sympathy or maybe funeral flowers.