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EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Hit The Brakes! Tamara Ecclestone’s Business Is £26m In The Red Zone

Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone’s pampered daughter Tamara once declared: ‘I hope I will be taken more seriously, perhaps as a businesswoman rather than just a socialite, or whatever they call me.’

It would, however, seem that she hasn’t inherited the ex-Formula 1 boss’s head for business.

I can reveal that she has now racked up an astonishing £26 million deficit at her company.

Newly filed accounts disclose that her ‘artistic creation’ firm, SBD International, increased its deficit in capital and reserves by £1.7 million in just the last year.

Weeks after she was burgled in 2019, Tamara, 37, shut down two of her companies: Fifi & Friends, her natural baby and toddler care collection, and her Show Beauty salons and spin-off products.

Tamara Ecclestone (pictured, left, with Bernie Ecclestone and, right, with her husband and daughter) has racked up an astonishing £26 million deficit at her company SBD International

A spokesman for Tamara said at the time: ‘Sadly, the Show Beauty and Fifi & Friends businesses have closed, following the end of the arrangement with the agency which managed and operated them.’

Previously called Tamara Ecclestone Brands when she started the business in 2010, she was already making up the shortfall in 2014 by ploughing £15 million into the loss-making venture to put it back in the black, before it started to make losses again.

It is thought the two businesses employed around 40 people across their various locations. Almost £26 million worth of jewellery was stolen from the family home in Kensington while Tamara, her husband, Jay Rutland, were on holiday in Lapland.

Three gang members were jailed in connection with the raid last month. The ringleader, Alfredo Lindley, 40 — dubbed Lupin after the Netflix TV show jewel thief — is still at large.

Left-wing rockers Radiohead have a royalist in their ranks. ‘Getting rid of the monarchy would just be a cosmetic change, and I don’t see France is any freer than we are,’ says guitarist Jonny Greenwood, who composed the score to the new Princess Diana biopic, Spencer.

‘The most liberal European countries, like the Scandinavians and Holland, all have monarchies. I’d rather have that than a ‘people’s president’ in a palace.’

Perhaps a gong beckons for Greenwood in the New Year honours?

The day I told Obama to buzz off…

Getting rid of dinner guests is a challenge for any host, but it’s even harder when your guest is leader of the free world.

Former Chancellor George Osborne has revealed that the Queen once asked him to tell Barack Obama to leave a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

‘The Queen came up to me and said: ‘Will you tell the President it’s late and I want to go to bed,’ ‘ Osborne recalled to fellow alumni of St Paul’s school.

Former chancellor George Osborne has recalled how the Queen once asked him to tell then US President Barack Obama to go home because the Queen wanted to go to bed after an event at Buckingham Palace. Pictured: President Obama and the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2011

‘Barack Obama was having a great time, kind of knocking back vodka martinis with his mates, and I was, like: ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to be the person that has to go and tell him to go home.’ ‘

Obama may have got his revenge two years later, when at a G8 summit he repeatedly called Osborne ‘Jeffrey’.

Andy Serkis, who roamed Middle-Earth as Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings, is desperate to rediscover his Middle Eastern heritage in real life.

‘My Dad was Iraqi, so I grew up in Baghdad, and holidayed there all the time,’ says Serkis, 57, who’s married to actress Lorraine Ashbourne.

At the launch of Christmas at Kenwood in North London, he tells me: ‘I’d love to go back to get in touch with my roots, but God knows when that will happen.’

Let us hope Caprice stayed mum

Over-sharing model Caprice Bourret suggested earlier this year that women should have five minutes of regular sex with their husbands to keep their marriages going.

But it’s not known what pearls of wisdom she offered fellow party-goers at the 20th anniversary bash for charity mothers2mothers at Outernet London.

Pictured: Jacqui Ainsley Ritchie, Caprice Bourret and Andrea Rajacic attend the mothers2mothers 20th Anniversary Gala at Outernet London on December 1 2021 in London

Here, Caprice, 50, is pictured, centre, with film director Guy Ritchie’s wife, Jacqui, 40, left, and Bosnian model Andrea Rajacic, 35, who’s married to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry.

When the BBC announced Laura Kuenssberg was leaving her role as political editor, ambitious journalists dusted off their CVs.

One favourite is Sky’s Beth Rigby, famed for her glossy black bob and bright red lipstick.

And I hear she has improved her chances by signing with the same agent as Kuenssberg: the influential Mary Greenham, who also represents the likes of Andrew Marr and Nick Robinson.

Tom’s cash peak

Tom Hardy, who plays mercurial mob boss Alfie Solomons in Peaky Blinders, knows how to make a killing.

I can reveal the Hollywood star, 44, made a staggering £5.8 million profit last year at the business through which he channels his earnings, 33 1/3rd.

Newly released figures disclose that his company now has a net worth of £7.7 million.

Hardy — who lives in South-West London with his wife, fellow Peaky Blinders actress Charlotte Riley, most recently starred in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which has taken more than £300 million since its release in September.

Foie gras stays on the British menu

When celebrated chef Richard Corrigan was summoned for urgent talks with Government officials, he thought it could be for advice on what to serve at a state banquet, seeing as he’s cooked for the Queen.

Instead, the owner of Mayfair restaurants Bentley’s and Corrigan’s said the Defra civil servants demanded that he take foie gras off his menus, even though the delicacy is completely legal.

The Government is consulting on a ban on its import and sale, after a campaign by prominent figures including Boris Johnson’s wife, Carrie, and minister Lord (Zac) Goldsmith.

Chef Richard Corrigan (pictured) has refused to remove foie gras from his menus despite being summoned for urgent talks with Government officials who are considering banning it

‘I’m going into hiding with my foie gras,’ Corrigan tells me over cocktails at Soma bar in Soho. ‘I’m just going to tell the food police it’s a premium ingredient people want and I’m not taking it off my menu.’

Production was banned in this country in 2006, but high-end restaurants and shops buy it in bulk from France.

Mandarins want to know why Corrigan still sells the delicacy, made from force-feeding poultry until their liver becomes fatty and rich.

The BBC Great British Menu judge says: ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous. People will bring it back in suitcases if it’s banned anyway. There’ll be a black market.’

Why Amanda prays for her ex-husband

Known for having ‘the longest legs in Belgravia’, Amanda Cronin wants to be famed for her grace instead.

The ex-model credits her faith with helping her forgive energy tycoon Mark Daeche, whom she divorced in 2019.

Pictured: Former model Amanda Cronin pictured at her exclusive dinner event to launch her new ‘Amanda Caroline Beauty skincare line at Nobu on December 01, 2021 in London

‘I go to church now,’ she tells me at her skincare range launch party at Nobu Portman Square. ‘I pray for him. Divorce wasn’t my choice.’

Amanda, 53, admits at her party: ‘There are a lot of people I’ve been on dates with in this room — they all showed up.’