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How Do You Know If You Require A Gearbox Repair?

The gearbox in your vehicle is crucial to the safe and smooth operation of your vehicle, however there could be a time when it is required to be replaced or repaired. Also called a transmission, it is a component of the system that comprises the clutch of a vehicle, which boosts its power (turning power) and reduces speeds of primary drive shaft.

The transmission in your car is extremely efficient, however regular use could mean it requires professional maintenance at times. A functioning gearbox is crucial to your safety on the roads So if you see any of the following signs bring your vehicle to an expert garage as quickly as you can.

Problems shifting gears

If you’re experiencing hesitation or resistance when you put the vehicle into gear, or experiencing the car is jerking when changing gears, it’s an indication that something’s not right with your transmission. If your vehicle also slips out of gears during driving or shifting gears with no reason, consider having it examined by a professional.

Unusual noises

If you are hearing strange buzzing, whining or clunking sounds coming out of your transmission, it is usually a sign of trouble with the gearbox, particularly when the car is extremely loud when in the neutral position. There could be other causes for noise that are excessive however it’s not a good idea to ignore them in any way.

Leaking fluid

Fluid for transmissions is transparent in colour. If you spot spots or pools of red liquid on your road make sure you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop immediately. Leaks in fluid don’t necessarily mean the gearbox is in need of replacement however, a leak could result in damage to other parts of your vehicle over the course of time.

A strong smell

The smell of burning is an indication that the gears are under-heating due to excess friction, usually caused by a shortage or lack of fluid for the transmission. The smell of burning transmission fluid can be an indication that your gearbox may be going wrong in other ways, therefore bring your car to 修变速箱 墨尔本 for inspection.

If you suspect that there is a issue with your gearbox, visit your vehicle to consult our experts. Our technicians are equipped with the experience needed to fix and replace automated and manual gearboxes which means you’ll be back to driving within a matter of minutes. To find out more information or make an appointment to meet with us, call us now.