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How To Choose Dog Food

Our pets are our family, from chickens to cats to rabbits and even chickens. It can be hard to know where to start when choosing the best food for pets and animals.
Here are our easy five-step guidelines for selecting the right food.

1. Choose a “Complete Feed”

Always ensure that you check the packaging to make sure that it refers the food as “complete”. This is a regulation term and means that the food has met all the nutritional requirements of the species.

Foods marked as “supplemental” should not be considered pet food.

2. The List of Ingredients

It is crucial to fully understand any food’s ingredient list. Once you are satisfied that the food is complete, flip the package and verify the ingredients.
Canines & Felines

You should list a few protein sources for your feline and canine friends.

A meal is a dish that includes chicken, beef, and fish. This is the case of a meal, which refers to protein that has been prepared and dried. You may see a whole, unprocessed protein listed in either the first or third spot, such as deboned chicken.

Alfalfa or other high-fiber hay should be listed first for herbivores like rabbits. This is because their diet should mainly consist of healthy fibers.

3. Compare Serving Size, not Package Weight

You might be tempted to purchase the biggest bag to reduce your grocery shopping, especially if you have many large animals. However, it is important to compare the portion sizes of different foods and not just the package weight.

A smaller portion size is an indication that the feed for pets contains more nutrients and healthy calories. This can mean that a smaller bag of food will last longer. It also means you will have less doo-doo to clean up later.

4. Feed according to your animal’s age and energy

The majority of foods are made for animals at different stages of life (baby, adult, or senior). While the exact ingredients may not change, the nutritional content has been designed to give your animal the best possible life. A senior dog food may include glucosamine, which is good for joint health. Puppy formulas, on the other hand, are high in protein to aid growth.

Active animals require more food. Pet food that has a higher percentage of protein may be necessary for very active dogs. You should always keep your animals’ welfare in mind when you change their food. This will ensure that they are comfortable with the transition.

5. You should see those treats!

Treats are an effective tool for teaching animals positive behaviors and training them. But, sometimes we don’t realize how much our animals are being over-fed. We can only view food from our own human perspective.

Did you know that a single ounce of cheese can be as nutritious as a half-a-cup of chocolate bars for a 20-pound dog? It’s true.

While treats can be a great tool for pets, they should also be part of a balanced diet. Make sure you only buy treats of high quality for your pets.