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Pets’ Cutest And Strangest Behaviour Shared In Adorable Animal Photo Gallery

Whatevfur next? Pet owners share the VERY unique habits of their beloved pets – from a pooch who handstands while going to the toilet to a moggy insisting her teeth are brushed

  • Bored Panda compiled some of the strangest pet habits from around the world
  • Among the unique animals are a cat who likes using the human toilet
  • Other pawsome pets include a lettuce-loving dog, and a tooth-brushing moggy

By Maria Chiorando For Mailonline

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Anyone who has ever shared their home with a furry companion knows our four-legged friends are all unique and special.

But some have stranger habits than most, with a collection of the oddest ones collated in an online gallery by Bored Panda.

Among the pawsome pets are a dog who demands their human reads to them, and another canine who has a special love for lettuce.

There are also some unusual cats, including a moggy who loves having her teeth brushed and another who can’t resist joining in when her human does planks.

Here FEMAIL shares some of the cutest – and strangest – pet behaviours you’ll ever see.

This dog’s human is a roofer, and the canine climbs the ladder to keep him company while he works – often shocking passersby

This piglet can only fall asleep on its mom comfortable bed and under the cozy blankets

According to one poster, their cat loves having her teeth brushed, and will even cry if their human won’t brush them for her

It’s tea time for the ferrets. They might drink their tea with a touch of salmon oil, but that doesn’t make them any less fancy

This pooch suffers from a lifelong weaker back leg, so instead of lifting up his other leg when he needs to pee, he simply does a handstand instead

Mango the parrot has learned better than jumping inside its bath without checking the temperature of the water first

Chowder is not just incredibly athletic but also unbelievably cool. It might be his first time going down this hill, but he knows he can conquer it all

This magnificent mutt sits in the doorway of the living room every night at around 10pm, and makes little noises until her human goes to bed

Its mom might be mad, but this is one happy kitty. And he is all about peace and love ( and catnip)

This sweet pooch will demand his human reads to him by coming over, putting his head on the pages, and pawing at him until he starts reading out loud

This bold moggy likes to sit under their human while she planks – which she describes as ‘extra motivation’ not to fall down

Handsome hound Snoopy used to love lettuce, and would always munch on a little piece whenever anyone around him was eating it

This man ended up with the sweetest little kitten perching on his shoulder – unfortunately the timing wasn’t great, as the cat would always jump up there while he was on the loo

Talk about a cat burglar – this moggy stole numerous items, including swimsuits, sporting equipment, and even a child’s backpack

Whenever this man does push-ups, his pooch comes to help him by crawling under him and pushing his torso up off the floor

This adorable feline has an unusual sleeping habit – he insists on sleeping in the human bed, under the covers, and will even put his little head on the pillow

Despite being litter-trained, this cat worked out what the toilet was for, and eventually his human found him ‘squatting on the seat and hanging his furry little butt over the bowl’