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Should You Choose Part Worn Tyres?

For a few years the use of a worn-out tyre was a preferred option to replace the (now almost gone) Remoulded Tyre, which consisted of re-cladding a worn-out tyre using new rubber. Part-worn tyres simply are tyres which have been used on a different vehicle. and are taken off after it is scrapped. They could be just several weeks old, which makes them nearly new.

Why should you buy part worn tyres?

The primary reason that one might think about buying used tyres is the cost. Replacing your car’s tyres with new ones is twice as expensive in comparison. Therefore, it’s understandable why people with a tight budget might choose the less expensive alternative.

Are the tyres you use in fact safe?

The sale of used tyres is strictly controlled within the United Kingdom. The problem lies in the fact that law isn’t effectively enforced and there isn’t an independent body for the industry to guarantee the same standards. This makes it easy for unscrupulous traders and dealers who are not scrupulous to pass off inferior products to their customers who are looking for bargains. The quality control standards of different stores and vendors could differ significantly. Certain vendors will always require greater attention than other shops.

The decision to buy tyres with worn out treads will depend on the individual’s experiences. For some, buying worn tires was a big accomplishment that allowed their car to stay in the garage at less than the typical cost. Some people believe that a worn tyre purchase could result in significant problems that will be forever linked to the risk they feel they should not have taken.

We place tyre performance and safety first.

The tyres with wear on them that we offer are in excellent condition and more new than those that are part-worn. Our staff is certified and professionally trained to assess the condition of any tire that’s why we test the tread depth, pressure of the tyre and many other factors prior to selling to our customers.


Part-worn tyres are a source of controversy in the field with good the reason. Knowing the origins of your tyres and their past, is becoming increasingly essential for anyone who wants to purchase second-hand.

Although there is always an obligation to verify whether the tires are of good quality that you’re purchasing, the extra hassle is reduced by working with a business that you be confident in. Sao Tyres is one of them. At Sao Tyres, our nearly new tyres are thoroughly checked for road-worthiness and will ensure you’ll get the best price.