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What can you do with Plexiglass?

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Retail Store Displays
Plexiglass screens can add elegance and clarity to store displays. Because of their superior optical clarity, plexiglass displays are more durable than standard glass displays. Acrylic glass is clear and can have a greenish tint, while regular glass can have this effect. This makes it an excellent choice for store displays.
Food Display

No matter if you own a bakery, restaurant or concession stand, it is important to showcase your products in a way that makes them memorable. We recommend custom plexiglass shelves to give your display a sophisticated, clean look.

Protect yourself with Acrylic Glass Screens & Guards

These days, it is vital to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Plexiglass screens are the best choice because of their transparency and clear view. Because of their thin, clear material, these barriers provide extra protection and make communication between employees and customers easier.

Acrylic Glass Coffee Table

The custom plexiglass coffee table is a great way for friends and family to gather in a relaxed setting. Because of its lightweight and transparent features, plexiglass sheets are the perfect product for many household DIY projects, including furniture protection.

Plexiglass DIY Greenhouse

Plexiglass is the best choice for greenhouse construction. Plexiglass, a unique glass-like building material that can be used to build a greenhouse, effectively combines the best of both glass and plastic. It is more durable to heat and snow than other materials, lighter, cheaper, and easier to use during construction.

Cabinet Glass

Acrylic glass can be used for cabinet doors. This will help you avoid the harsh greenish hues of regular glass. Acrylic glass is a clearer choice than regular glass cabinets.

Mobile Homes

Plexiglass is an excellent material for RV construction projects due to its light weight and ability to provide critical insulative air spaces. It also allows for unobstructed views through the windows.

Acrylic window panes

Perplexiglass panes that are custom cut are safer than regular ones. Acrylic sheets are lighter than regular glass, and easier to install. They also resist sharp blows. A plexiglass sheet can crack but is less hazardous than a broken glass window.

Picture Display

You can make a collage out of photos placed below your plexiglass tabletop. This DIY table decor is great because the pictures can be easily replaced and changed whenever you want. Plexiglass is lighter than regular glass and makes it easier to move.