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What Car Is Right For Me?

We examine the advantages and disadvantages of each choice to help you choose which one is best for you…

Every each year across the UK the sales of used cars surpass brand new ones by three to one. However, that doesn’t mean that buying a used car is the best choice for you.

This article will examine the pros and cons of both alternatives. Additionally, we look at the third option – buying a new vehicle.

Purchase new

The major advantages of modern automobiles are threefold. The first is that you can pick the exact specifications you’d like. Then, you get the assurance of a comprehensive warranty if something goes wrong. Thirdly there’s no past to worry about.

They’re not the only advantages when you buy a brand new vehicle. The latest cars are equipped with the most advanced technology and the benefits of this shouldn’t be overlooked especially in the area that concern fuel economy (where massive advancements have been made recent times) and security.

On the other hand however, it’s also the case that the majority of breakdowns that occur in modern vehicles stem from electrical problems that cannot be easily fixed by the roadside.

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Buying used

About eight million used vehicles that are sold in a normal year. The vast range of choices is possibly the most compelling reason for buying a second-hand vehicle.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to take the financial burden of depreciation. Around 20% of a brand new vehicle’s value is lost the moment it leaves the showroom. A few new cars are priced at or above half the cost of purchase after three years. However, most will lose between two and three-quarters the value.

The increasing length of warranty periods for factory vehicles has also contributed attraction to pre-owned automobiles, increasing the security of buyers of previously owned vehicles.

The majority of automobile sales done by dealers. The most desirable used vehicles tend to be those that are part of manufacturer-approved used schemes. It’s more expensive to purchase them however the experience for customers isn’t all that different from purchasing new.

If you purchase from a non-specialist, but reputable dealer is more expensive than purchasing privately However, you will be able to have a good back-up plan should you encounter problems.

Private sales will offer higher prices, while purchasing auctions are generally the most affordable option to purchase an old car, however the best deals aren’t often found and buyers are not able to negotiate with sellers.

The main drawback of buying used is uncertainty regarding the car’s past. “Clocking,” or altering with the mileage recorded is still a concern. The ideal scenario is that a vehicle will be able to provide a complete history of service If there isn’t, it’s possible to purchase some assurances through an inspection of the history.

Buy brand new or nearly new

If you are buying a brand new car typically, you’ll be purchasing one from a dealer’s demo fleet, or one of their pre-registered stock (cars that were thought to be purchased by the dealer to reach sales goals).

On one hand this model is the ideal combination of both. It offers all the advantages of fuel-efficient, modern and safe vehicles, yet it also takes away a large portion of that “out of the showroom depreciation.

The drawbacks are the addition of a name appearing on the registration form which can lower the value of the car’s resale and the limitation of choices. With regards to specifications, you are given what the dealer decides is the best option for both the appeal of a demonstration and the ease of resales. They’re able to determine what consumers want which is why this isn’t an issue.

Most new cars will have travelled just a few thousand miles. It’s not enough to make an negative impact on their appearance or performance however enough that it takes the fresh car’ feel away. For some, this is sufficient reason to steer clear of them. Others will appreciate that they save money in comparison to purchasing new.

It’s crucial to confirm the date of manufacture for an already registered car with the dealer prior to deciding to make a purchase. It’s possible to think that you’re purchasing an older model however, it could be one from 2015. It will certainly decrease its value when it’s time to selling it.

The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a car is to create an amount of money and adhere to it. It’s a market for buyers. If you’re not able to reach an agreement on the car you’ve been dreaming of Don’t fret: There’s always another one that’s as good.