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All About Sliding Barn Doors

Barn doors that slide open can be an upgrade to your design that can drastically alter your home’s appearance. They’re an incredibly popular design in the world of interior design, mostly due to the growing popularity of farmhouse-style homes. A sliding barn door is one that can be put up anywhere within a home, generally having a metal or wood door hung on a sliding track. Instead of closing and opening like a traditional door it slides to the side and hangs neatly on the walls. People love them due to the fact that they are able to easily change the look of the look of a room and add a lot of personality. But before you get into the fashion trend that was made famous through Chip as well as Joanna Gaines, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Trend and. traditional

Although the sliding doors of barns have been in use forever, they definitely have been able to achieve “trendy” popularity. Like any trend, you must think about your motives before investing in sliding barn doors. There’s a vast difference between really loving a look and liking it due to it being the “cool” trend of the present. Ask yourself questions like “Am I going to be a fan of this five years from this point?” and “If I sell this house in a few years, is someone going to appreciate this?” If you can see long-term potential, then you’re all set.

Pros and cons of installing sliding barn doors Melbourne

There are many pros to installing a sliding barn door in your home. They’re ideal for smaller spaces, such as hallways. They’re also fairly simple to make DIY and you don’t need to employ a contractor (unless you’d prefer not to do this project yourself). However, they’ll need enough extra wall space for them to roll along, and they could block out any artwork you’ve got on the wall.

Things to think about prior to the event

If you are considering making changes to your house or undertaking such a project There are some important questions to be asking yourself. These questions will assist you in deciding whether sliding barn door are the best option for your needs.

Do sliding barn doors work in your home?

You should always take into consideration your home design before beginning any home remodeling project. Traditional barn doors can be beautiful in a farmhouse style, coastal, or even traditional houses. But, if you put them in a mid-century or contemporary home they’ll appear out of their place. There are also lots of kinds that have sliding doors, each with a different look. For instance, a minimalist home could benefit from french-style sliding barn doors made of metal, while a modern home would be better suited with a more streamlined design.

Will you have enough privacy?

Before you decide to install DIY Barn doors Cynthia Peller Hum, an associate with Hirsch Bedner Associates, the global leader in hospitality interior design, highlights two important aspects you have to keep in mind: sound and privacy.

Unlike a traditional door, sliding barn doors won’t completely block out noise. “Don’t forget that you’ll hear more sound through a sliding door than a swing door because the edge isn’t as tight,” Hum pointed out.

As far as privacy goes the chances are you won’t be able to secure a sliding barn door at the same time, which can cause annoyance if seeking to protect your family or roommates out. If you are installing the barn door in the entryway to a bedroom or bathroom, you should consider the hook-and-eye closure or latches with an strike plate.

Is your door header proportionate?

Before you tackle your DIY sliding door installation, you must remember that a balanced header is essential, says Hum. Headers are solid pieces of wood that holds up your barn door which assists in spreading the weight of the door as well as adding stability. It also enhances the aesthetics.

“When creating the door with a proportionate header, it is essential to make it look attractive,” Hum noted. “I find a simple block-finished edge with no additional decorative trim is easiest to achieve as it provides an elegant, contemporary-looking opening for the barn door to be the main focal point.”

Doors for barns can be up to 200 pounds (or more) Headers are also important for sturdiness. Mount the header to wall studs (and make sure that there are wall studs at every interval on your track).

Are your devices coordinated?

The coordination of hardware on a barn door is less concerned with aesthetics, and more to do with function.

“Remember, the door and hardware must extend beyond the opening, so you need to make sure you have the space, and place the hardware in a way that the door will slide past the wall’s base” Hum explained. “The door has to be larger than the opening, and hardware should be placed on the outside edge.” She says it’s particularly important to connect the pulls and hardware, “for example, so the decorative pull doesn’t get caught on the wall frame.” Additionally, she recommends adding a stop on the track to ensure fingers won’t be trapped.

Barn doors that slide open can provide an infusion of style to your home. Remember, if do decide to install one the planning aspect is crucial. If you decide that sliding barn doors aren’t for you There are plenty of alternatives to achieve the rustic look when you’re renovating a bedroom, living room or even your entire home.