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Areas that make Bangalore one of the best cities to live in

Bangalore is an extremely sought-after cities with a cosmopolitan vibe in India. Famous for its ability to make everyone across the globe feel at home. Bangalore has several of the most respected universities and research institutes in India. Today, a variety of public sectors such as software companies and aerospace companies, as well as communications heavy manufacturing industries and defense companies have given the city a leading place on the Pan India.

The city is a cosmopolitan spirit and has always drawn talent from across India as well as from the world scene. A city that is cosmopolitan in its culture when you enter the city, you’ll feel the energy pulsing around you. It is not just vibrant due to music festivals, fashion trends and fashion, but it is also is known as”the Silicon Valley of India, however, it is also diverse and is soon to emerge as an important economic hub and the fastest growing city in India. The city is accommodating to all, to ensure that everyone, regardless of background can coexist happily. Below is a list of most popular places to find rental apartments in Bangalore:

1. BTM layout

The area is situated in the middle of Madiwala lake Taverekere, HSR layout in addition to Bommanahalli, BTM layout is an independent high-end neighborhood. There are numerous restaurants and hospitals as well as educational institutions within the area, and the excellent roads make BTM layout an ideal place for families and professionals who work there.

2. HSR layout

Hosur Sarjapur road, commonly called HSR layout, is a relatively emerging suburban area. Over the last few months, HSR layout has emerged as a strong option for those living close to Koramangala or BTM layout. This area has lush green landscape, ideal for families.

3. Koramangala

In the vicinity of Indiranagar In the vicinity of Indiranagar, this is in which you can find many people who are involved in the technological sector. This is particularly evident in the region’s architecture such as the residential structures and well-designed roads, bungalows, and even contemporary studio flats. Its closeness to the city center and the well-constructed homes are the reason this is popular with the younger generations.

4. Indiranagar

It’s a chic and inexpensive place, in which you can easily locate an apartment for rent in Bangalore. Connected with the metropolis, Indiranagar is also famous as a place to shop that has bars, gyms, parks, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels. It is located in the suburbs to the east and is budget-friendly yet luxurious, and if going out, partying, and shopping can be part of the everyday schedule , then this is the best place to be.

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5. Nagwara/Manyata Tech Park

A miniature version of Bangalore, Manyata Tech Park area is a bit far from the city’s main hub however that makes it a more desirable area to live in. If you work in the vicinity of Manyata Tech Park, you ought to seriously consider living in the area as well. Co-working and co-living is prevalent in the region and nearly all facilities are within the grounds, including a bar, mall shopping complex, and the major food chains.

6. Marathahalli

What can make Marathahalli among the top sought-after places to reside within Bangalore lies in its accessibility. The area is situated in the eastern suburbs. Marathahalli is connected to all major cities in Bangalore via local buses. It is mostly regarded as a residential area and is a gateway to Bangalore.

7. Jayanagar

Divided into ten clocks Jayanagar is mostly a residential area, with a number of notable locals. It is also considered to be the most livable location located in Bangalore as per a research. It is a well-planned area and has all the facilities within the subdivisions.

8. Harlur

It is located the middle of Sarjapura Road and Kudlu Gate, Harlur is a prominent sub-locality within the HSR Layout. Harlur is a great fit for those who work in the Sarjapura region, as well as for those who work at Electronic City. Harlur is an area that is now well-developed with a variety of excellent schools with playgrounds, lakes supermarkets, food joints , making it an ideal choice for families and professionals working in the area.

9. SG Palya/ Maruti Nagar/ Tavarakere

SG Palya is a hot location for students due the proximity of Christ College. Because it is close and close to Koramangala and Madivala and the Madivala area, these towns named SG Palya Maruti Nagar, and Tavarakere have become popular destinations due to the lower cost of rentals and the numerous options for hostels and PG’s. In South Bangalore, SG Palya is well-connected to all areas of Bangalore.

10. Sanjay Nagar

One of the most renowned neighborhoods located in North Bangalore, Sanjay Nagar was founded in the latter part of the seventies and is now a sought-after neighborhood. Sanjay Nagar is awash with numerous small parks and trees that line the roads, which makes it a tranquil area. Considered to be one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Bangalore with numerous ministers, judges and police officers living in this region. Its closeness with Bangalore Airport makes it the most sought-after area located in North Bangalore.

11. RR Nagar

Rajarajeshwari Nagar is located in the Southwest region of Bangalore along the Mysore Road. It is an ideal location because this area is home to a number of reputed medical and educational institutions. RR Nagar is also home to an Tech park which makes it a perfect location for those working in the Global Tech Park and also for students attending several colleges close by.

12. Thanisandra

Thanisandra is one of the fastest growing areas situated to North Bangalore. This region is growing rapidly due to the development of their main roadway to serve as an alternative route towards Bangalore International Airport. Thanisandra is situated in the Manyata Tech Park area which is an ideal area for those employed in the nearby tech parks.

13. JP Nagar

JP Nagar is an already established residential area that is located within South Bangalore. The area is situated close to important locations such as BTM, Jayanagar, Bannerghatta Road as well as Banashankari, JP Nagar offers modern amenities, while maintaining the traditional Bangalore feeling alive. It was once a residential zone, JP Nagar now has become a bustling area due to the growth of IT-related companies and colleges close by.

14. Whitefield

In the eastern region located in the eastern part of Bangalore, Whitefield is a bustling suburb that is growing in popularity due to the growth of the IT sector. Whitefield houses a lot of the biggest IT firms located in Bangalore. There are also a lot of high-end residential communities within the vicinity, making it a highly desired location for those who work within and in the vicinity of Whitefield.

15. Electronic City

Electronic city can be described as an IT hub within South Bangalore. It was established in 1978. Electronic city has four sections currently. There are more than 200 IT firms in the area comprising many of the biggest IT brands such as Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, HCL and others. With numerous luxurious residential communities and numerous food joints in the area, it is a hotspot for those who work within the vicinity of Electronic City.

16. Bellandur

Bellandur is an area in the south-east of Bangalore. Bangalore’s largest lake, Bellandur lake is located within this region. Bellandur has witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of homes built over the past couple of years due to growing demand from the IT boom. Outer Ring Road passes through Bellandur which makes it a crucial area for commuters who travel from south to east of Bangalore. There are a lot of IT parks around the area which makes it an ideal home for professionals working in the field.

Apart from these locations In Bangalore there are also discover PGs and co-living areas in various other areas in the vicinity of the city. Bangalore is a city that has been designed to accommodate everyone and provides a home and shelter based on the budget, making Bangalore an one of the top cities to reside in.