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Benefits of Having a Water Dispenser in the Workplace

There’s no doubt that there are numerous benefits to drinking water But did you know that your company could benefit from having a water fountain in your office? Here are five benefits of having a water dispenser:

It is a sign that your business believes in sustainability.

There are many ways you can help your business become more sustainable. If you install a water dispenser for office or a water fountain, you can help your employees reduce their consumption of plastics, since they will not have to purchase bottles of water. This is great for the environment as there are many problems associated with the use of plastics in high quantities.

It can help you save money.

In 2021, it was estimated that 141.4 million work days were lost across the UK because of injuries or illness. If you can provide your employees with clean drinking water, you stand an opportunity to reduce this amount. Even a tiny amount could make a big difference. A reduction in costs could translate into lower cost of insurance.

If you decide to buy water dispensers from a reputable firm, you could enjoy huge savings on your energy expenses. For instance, if installing a cooler for your water you will be able to maintain your workers’ cool during the summer heat with a significant reduction in energy consumption.

It could encourage employees to take part in more activities

It isn’t ideal for your employees to sit at their desks for the entire day. There are plenty of ways to get employees to get more active drinking water, a water fountain could effectively serve the same purpose as your employees will need to periodically go out of their workstations to grab some water and then take breaks.

It can aid employees in relaxing.

Near the water fountain The employees are able to unwind, drink a beverage and have a chat. A casual conversation at a distance from their desks will enable your employees to have a break from their the demands of their jobs and allow the employees back at their desks refreshed and rejuvenated. In addition, there are numerous negative consequences of looking at screens for long periods of time therefore it might be beneficial for their eyes to have time off from the bright lights of their computers.

Your dispenser as decor

What’s the first thing that your guests encounter when they enter your office? Imagine how sleek a water dispenser could enhance the decor of your reception. If you are unsure of the business you select to supply the water dispenser with, you could choose to design your own dispenser for your office featuring your logo. It’s not just fantastic, but it will provide your office with a professional look for visitors. The presence of a water dispenser at your office can benefit employees and for your workplace as a whole. You’ll be able to save money in the final month of each month, increase the number of casual meetings and discover a new method to advertise your business, while also ensuring that your employees are provided with safe, clean water that is according to the UK laws on hydration and work.