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Choose your preferred type of student accommodation in Leicester

One of the advantages of being a student in Leicester is that there are many accommodation options to choose from. Especially since starting at university, I’ve come to realize the variety of factors that led to the choices of which accommodation to choose. So, in case you’re considering student accommodation Leicester in the near future, here are a few aspects I’d suggest taking into consideration.

1. Take a look at your budget

I had a maximum figure of what I would consider spending on accommodations per month. I also was able to envision an optimal (lower) amount in mind. Knowing how much you can pay for accommodation is helpful when weighing other elements and weighing up options in the future. For example, if you’re happy to stay in a shared space, you might consider getting a twin room as a way to save some money or if you don’t mind walking a bit more (or getting on public transport/cycling…) to campus, then perhaps your trade-off might be staying in accommodation which is a bit further away.

2. Imagine the distance

It was an important consideration since I wanted to be close to certain places I knew I would probably visit on a frequent routine. In addition to determining how far the location is from campus, look at the specific location- would you prefer to live closer to certain train lines for example? If you’re seeking to live near campus or have access to certain facilities , this can be a useful way to narrow-down your choices for lodging.

3. Think about the social scene

As a student in the first year I thought about this a lot, before deciding the best option was to stay somewhere that was just social in my case (not too social but an area that allows conversation and making new friends). However others might prefer living in halls where people tend to be more independent. It’s also helpful to consider the size of the residenceand the social atmosphere will also be influenced by the number of students who stay in that particular accommodation.

4. Consider the amenities

Different types of accommodations have various advantages so ranking preferred facilities is a personal choice. If the ability to cook almost all of your meals is appealing then self-catered halls (or rooms) are the best way to take. On the other hand, I wanted to be able cook occasionally but not always have to do so, selecting a hall where meals was provided on most days was perfect for me. Also, some halls might offer private kitchens or bathrooms for smaller flats of a similar size…these are all things I considered in deciding on my place of residence- going based on my prior experiences or the things I was looking to try out.

5. Choose your preferred type of accommodation

The advantage of being a student at Leicester is that you can enjoy plenty of choice. There are university halls, inter-collegiate halls (useful in case you want to make friends from different universities or wish to have a clearer distinction between work and home’) or even private housing. Start your research early and allow you more time to investigate the wide range of possibilities and weigh all the important factors that affect you. And hopefully, you will find you your ideal living space!

I wish everyone the best of luck when thinking about or actively researching accommodation and if I’m like you and find yourself with a plan that is well thought out of how to find the ideal accommodation, but with an unorganized booking process I’m hoping it succeeds!