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How long does it take to sell your house to a house buying company?

Companies that buy houses say they are able to purchase your home quicker than selling it on open market.

A genuine cash home buying company is able to provide you a guarantee on the sale of your property on a date that you prefer. Genuine cash buyers use the cash they have to purchase your property directly. Not relying on a mortgage implies that they are able to be flexible in the time they will purchase your home. They can complete the sale in just an entire week, in the event that they are required.

Companies that purchase houses directly – how they work

Most genuine quick sale companies that buy houses in cash will follow the same procedure:

First step: Indicative offer

If you contact a house buying company and other properties, they’ll ask you several questions regarding the property you’re trying to sell. They’ll then go away and do some basic desk research before coming back to you with an indication of the amount they’d be able pay to purchase the house. You’ll usually receive this indicative offer within a few hours of making the initial contact.

Step two: Formal invitation

If you’re satisfied with the indicative offer you’re offered and want to receive an offer formalized on your home The house-buying company will request a local, independent estate agent to conduct an appraisal formal.

If you’re working with a reputable company that buys your house directly with the funds they own This figure can change only during the selling process if an inspection uncovers an issue that would affect the value of the house. This is extremely rare, and an offer from a reliable company will be cost and obligation free, so you can walk away at any point.

Step three: You choose the day you’ll complete

If you’re content with the formal invitation and want to take it further from here, it’s now that you’ll be asked to select your date for completion. This could be as short as a week, or at any point in the next few months. Any business that isn’t able to agree to a time should be treated with caution as it’s highly unlikely that they’ll purchase the property directly.

Fourth step: The sale completes and the funds are transfered to your account.

When the date of completion you choose, your sale will conclude and the cash will be deposited into your bank account.

Other kinds of companies that buy houses

There are various types of firms that purchase houses. These firms are generally referred to as brokers’ who connect homeowners with investors who are looking to purchase properties.

These companies will often offer to take a larger sum than a legitimate cash home buying company but because they aren’t buying your property they will offer an estimate of the amount they might be able to convince an investor to purchase your property rather than a formal offer.

The higher offer could be appealing but it’s rare that homeowners receive the exact amount originally quoted by brokers. Because this type of house buying company is not purchasing the property on its own, they are not able to guarantee on the speed at which your home will sell or how much you can get in exchange.

The company may try to tempt you with an attractive price, and then oblige you with an option contract that blocks you from selling to anyone else whilst they seek the right buyer. These contracts can last for as long as 6 months or even longer and are usually expensive to be able to get out of.

The primary benefit of using companies that buy houses is the speed and security they can offer. The company that’s not buying the property directly can’t offer the same benefits. If you’re not able to accept an offer from a genuine cash home buyer that is buying your home, the open market is likely to be the best route for you.

What are the costs that home buying companies pay?

Any legitimate home-buying company buying directly from you will be honest and upfront right from the beginning about what they are willing to pay.

The companies that purchase houses can’t buy your property for 100% market value due the costs involved in purchasing the property. However, they also shouldn’t charge you any fees and the offer they make is the amount you pay on the day of completion.

There is a good chance that any company purchasing your property for between% to 85% of the market value. This might seem like a substantial discount at first glance however for many, the speed and ease of use can make it attractive. You’ll also save a lot of time and money, without having to pay estate agents or legal fees.

What is the time frame for you to sell your house an organization?

It will be contingent on whether the business is buying the home directly, or acting in the capacity of a broker.

If a company is buying your home directly then you’ll be able to decide when the sale completes. The company should be capable of buying your house in as little as a week, if needed.

If the company you’re using is a ‘middleman’ and trying to match you to an investor, there will be no guarantee of timescales and it could easily take the same time that it would take to sell your product in the open market or even longer.

What happens to my house after I sell it to a business?

Different firms that buy houses will have different business models regarding what they do with homes they buy. Some will keep the properties and rent them out, however, the majority will sell them to the public market. This means that the business takes the entire risk of how long the property is on the market , and what value the property can fetch.

What are the benefits of selling your house to an organization?

The advantages of selling a home to a business that can buy your home direct are the speed and confidence they offer. A genuine cash buyer does not rely on mortgages or investors, therefore they are able to offer a guaranteed quick house sale on the date that you prefer. The speed and confidence that is offered by this company cannot be matched on the open market.

Homeowners use companies that buy houses for a variety of reasons, including:

They have found their dream house and need to have a sale agreed on the property they currently live in to have their offer accepted
Are you downsizing and don’t want to go through any hassle selling your home on the market
Selling an inherited property
Chain collapses that have happened before
Struggling to find buyers on the open market
The agreed sale has failed.
Moving and require a house for sale to help them with their plans
Quick sale to pay off debts or avoid repossession
A property can be sold after a divorce or breakup of a relationship
Landlord looking to sell their buy to let property with minimal inconvenience and delay

Are there any potential risks if I decide to sell my house to a business?

The biggest danger when selling to a house buying company is that they are not real and may withdraw their offer before the sale concludes. This is a common occurrence when working with a broker rather than a company that buys houses directly.

Since brokers aren’t buying your home by themselves The figure they provide you initially is an ‘estimate’ rather than an offer. They will often tie you in with an option contract, and after they’ve found an interested buyer, they will reduce the price to one lower than their initial offer.

You can spot a broker because they will often make unsubstantiated claims about being able to pay 90 percent of market value or more. Some will even tell you they can get you a quick sale and pay 100 percent of market value. However, that isn’t feasible. If you’re looking for 100% of market value, your best route is to sell your home on the market.

We buy houses for cash, get in touch to find out more.

If you’re looking for a quick sale, it’s important to use a genuine cash home buyer who will buy your home directly. If you’re looking to avoid being scammed by a broker, it is essential to not make any agreement, contract, or agreement.

Key takeaways:

Companies that buy homes offer a quick, guaranteed and hassle-free alternative to open market, as that the company you work with buys the property in cash.
The speed and accuracy offered by a genuine company is not comparable to the open market. A legitimate business can close the sale at a time of your choice within a week, if needed.
You must be aware of any business that does not buy properties directly and with their own funds, as they will not be able to guarantee pricing or speed.
Any legitimate, trustworthy company that can offer speed and certainty will buy for a reduced price. You can expect an offer of between 80% and 85% of full market value for the purchase of your house.
The house buying company industry isn’t regulated, so be cautious of any business which claims to be licensed.
Review reviews thoroughly and make sure you look over the company’s financials to verify if the company you’re speaking to really can be what they say it is.