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How to Add Another Bathroom to Your House

Remodeling your bathroom can be an exciting and challenging job However, prior to diving in with both feet to tear all the bathroom suites available, there are a few crucial items that need to be thought through. We realize that remodeling bathrooms can be difficult as well as time-consuming to mention expensive, so to ensure that your project stays on the right track and be successful, we’ve put together this vital checklist.

Budgeting your budget

The first thing to do on the bathroom checklist setting an amount of money, which will allow you to make choices about what you want to include in your remodel project. After you’ve determined the amount you are able to spend, and considered the cost of labor and other costs, you’ll be able to determine the amount you can spend on fixtures and fittings, as well as materials and more. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be spending a lot to achieve the style you’re looking for.


If you’ve got a small bathroom, don’t believe that it’s going to be easier to build or require less planning. No matter the size or shape the bathroom is, you’ll be required to pay close attention to the smallest of details. Also, you will need to consider the purchase and ordering of fixtures, tiles, and other materials and ensure that they can be delivered at the time your bathroom fitting will require them.

The timing is an essential aspect if you have only one bathroom at home since you’ll have to arrange for a place to shower and wash your toilet as you are having the bathroom constructed.

It’s best to leave extra time for any issues that might be encountered during your bathroom renovation. If you’re not experienced in plumbing and DIY it is recommended to hire an expert to complete your bathroom remodel to make sure it is functioning without issue.

The schedule of work

completing your bathroom design with a set order helps to avoid mistakes and helps you concentrate only one aspect at one time. It is recommended to start with the highest point of the bathroom, then working on the ceiling, followed by the walls, and finally the flooring to avoid the risk of damage to your new fixtures.

Bathroom design & functionality

Selecting a design for your bathroom isn’t easyas there’s many factors to consider, such as the colors, the materials, space, and storage space to name only some. Begin by gathering ideas for your bathroom and note the things that catch your attention and is inspiring to you. Houzz along with Pinterest are great sources for ideas for your bathroom remodel.

If you are looking for bathroom ideas be aware that they need to be functional as well. There is a certain appeal of the sinks in your home however if you don’t have enough space to accommodate them it’s not worth trying to make them fit. Also, you should consider how many people you are likely to use the bathroom and whether you are planning to put your house up to sell in the near future. Does the bathroom’s design blend perfectly with the other interiors of your house? These are the questions you must be asking yourself.

Measure, measure and repeat!

The three main aspects that affect size when designing bathrooms are

Space available
The location of the pipework
Dimensions of fixtures for bathrooms

It’s not enough to stress the importance of taking time to make sure you measure the space and verify the measurements at least two, or even three times each time to make sure that they’re accurate. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your new bathroom basin and toilet installed only to discover that they’re not a good fit!

Engage an expert

It might seem simple to put in your new bathroom sink or toilet however, if you’re not skilled in DIY, unexpected plumbing issues can arise which you might not be able to handle. If you’re looking to make your bathroom remodel to be successful do not overlook the benefits of a skilled contractor. provide.

The choice of bathroom fixtures

The best selection of fixtures like faucets, basins, toilets showers, baths accessories, vanity units and of course lighting and heating, can be the difference between a successful or not-so-success bathroom’s design. Shop the best at this bathroom supplier.

Bathroom fixtures can be found in a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to the classic and elegant to fit the tastes of everyone. If you’ve got a small bathroom, choose compact fixtures to maximize the space. Wall-mounted toilets and basins can make your bathroom appear larger. If you have plenty of space to play around in Why not think about an independent bath with an additional walk-in shower to give an elegant look?

Do not forget to include storage, which is vital in bathrooms that are small or large. Vanity units provide a fashionable and practical storage solution since they include a sink, drawers, or an under-cabinet which you can store toiletries in a safe place. They are available in wall-mounted and floor standing styles and the choice of finishes that range between white and walnut. If you have a sloping design bathroom an angled corner vanity is a good option.

The floor and walls

If it’s waterproof nearly any material can be use in bathrooms. The material you choose for flooring and walls will be based on the budget you have set. If you have more to spend you can choose granite or marble to add some luxurious. If you’re on a tight budget, you can choose marble tiles, which means you can achieve the look without spending a fortune. Vinyl flooring is an alternative for those with an affordable budget. There are numerous styles to choose from. It doesn’t feel cold or uncomfortable underfoot! Whatever you choose for your bathroom flooring, you must ensure that it’s robust and resistant to slips.

Bathroom ventilation

A lack of ventilation can make your bathroom damp and damp and may even harm your health. It’s important to install an extractor fan to stop issues from developing. It’s also beneficial to reduce condensation in the bathroom since this could create damp problems.

Bathroom heating & lighting

Lighting and heating are crucial to the bathroom design. The space must have task lighting and ambient lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere So, plan to include both in the design. Make sure that the lighting you select is suitable for the bathroom, and makes use of energy-saving LED technology.

In terms of heating, we suggest installing both underfloor heating as well as the heated towel rail into your bathroom. Underfloor heating will keep the room dry and warm, while the heated towel rail gives the essential luxury of warm towels.

Bathroom accessories

The last thing you should be thinking about is the accessories. It may appear like they are minor elements of your bathroom design However, the proper design can improve the overall area and connect everything. Accessories like glass shelves as well as toilet roll holders and towel rails can ensure that your bathroom is practical.