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How To Choose A Man With Van Service In London

It is worth hiring professional removalists to help you move if you do not live in a small apartment or house. Although it sounds easy, packing and moving fragile items is not. It’s not difficult.
The removalists will be able to tell you how much weight they are allowed to carry. They will also do it in a safe manner so that you don’t get hurt.

What does it cost for a removals company to work?

The cost of using a professional removals company depends on many factors. It is important to consider the amount of goods that will be transported. But, the distance traveled, the size of the crew, and the speed of packing all impact the cost.

A professional removals company will inform you about the charges and ways that you could lower them. Many firms will offer discounts for you to source your own packing materials or help with packing.

Requesting quotes from removals companies

Get at least three estimates from removals firms, preferably from companies that will visit your home rather than just giving an estimate over the phone.

This is especially true if you have restricted access or narrow stairways which could affect your job.

If you get a quote, but they are unable to visit your house in person, you should be as truthful and exact as possible when listing your possessions. Also, don’t forget to include the contents of any lofts or garages.

You might consider getting an estimate from someone who is based in the region you are moving to to see if the prices could be better.

Ask for a broken-down estimate so that you can calculate how much you would be paying for insurance and packing, mileage, hourly rate, storage, and other costs. This will enable you to compare quotes better. You can find out if overtime rates are applicable and, if yes, when they begin.

Heavier or longer lorries may not be able to cope with steep gradients, tight bends, and uneven roads. To determine if there is access or parking issues at the other end, contact the police or the council.

Contacting a removals firm

After you have chosen your man with van London service, it is important to send them a briefing document that includes:

Items that need special packing such as antiques or valuable objects.
Items that are difficult to transport, like pianos, can be difficult to move.
Wardrobes and other large furniture may need to be removed
All carpets and curtains that you are taking with you
You are moving items you don’t want
They will need to have a floor plan for the new property so that the boxes can be placed in the right areas when they are unloaded.

Removals insurance

Be sure to inquire about what will happen if your move is delayed or you are unable access the property the following day.

It is also worth checking whether your removal company has sufficient insurance for your possessions. Also, what is the time limit on filing claims on insurance after the move.

Check with the removal company about special packing requirements and whether the items will be covered by their insurance. If you don’t tell the removal company what value your possessions are, they may limit their liability up to a set amount per box. However, this could increase your quote.

You can do some packing yourself to save money, but avoid packing breakables. Also, the removal firm’s policy will not cover items you pack.