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Rochdale architects are key to managing your risk

Many people dream of designing and building their own homes. This aspiration is often reflected in our childhoods, when we start to sketch out and create the stereotypical square, pitched-roof home with a chimney and a path through the middle.
Do you find this familiar?

We believe that we can achieve anything at such a young age. There are no limitations to our potential and we can do whatever we want. This drive to build our own homes should not be lost as we grow older.

It is easier and cheaper to build and own a self-built home than you might think.

Do not be deceived by reality TV shows that show people trying to do it all without the help of a RIBA Chartered Architect. They will fail because they lack the experience and knowledge.

It’s possible for anyone to do it. Anyone can and will self-build. You can make your dream home a reality with the right guidance and advice from a qualified RIBA Chartered Architect.
What does an architect do?

Many people don’t realize the benefits of working with an architectural firm. They design and get statutory approvals such as building control approval and planning permission, but what else can they do?

Many times before, architects Rochdale area have been involved in the design, planning and construction of different types of buildings. They can bring value to your self-build development.
An excellent RIBA Chartered Architect will…

By getting to know you and your family, they will help you develop your brief (or your wish list). They will be able to help you make your vision come true, taking into account your lifestyle, taste and budget.
Innovative and creative design solutions can be used to reduce costs and increase the value of your property.
To save time, stress, and money, prepare drawings and documents for submission to planning approval.
Send drawings to Planning Approval in your name and communicate with the planning authority for additional information, if necessary.
After approval of the plan, they will prepare technical drawings to be submitted for Building Control Approval.
Consult with quality contractors and consultants.
Establish a project team and find the best contractors / consultants to complete the job within the budget and timeframes.
Assist your team in coordinating and leading the construction and design process.
Manage your time, the process and people. Also, be aware of potential problems and budgetary risks.
To maximize your investment, add value to your scheme. They will be able to identify potential opportunities by getting to know you.

Get to know you

An architect who is a good person and a great communicator will make a great friend.

Your architect will get to know you, understand your wants and needs and be able to visualize how your home will be used every day. The architect will then be able to design a home that meets the needs of your family at work, play and rest. This will make it a joy to live in and a place that is more than you could ever imagine.
Professional problem solvers

Architects have a lot of experience in solving design problems. They can also help ensure that project and construction problems are never a problem.

Working with RIBA Chartered Architects will bring you the benefit of their shared experience and training. Your self-build project will be more efficient if you have their expertise. They can also help you avoid common pitfalls on projects of varying dimensions, which will save you time and money.

The architect’s overall role allows them to see the whole project from every angle. This allows them to advise you about the risks and consequences of making certain decisions.

Budget that is realistic

An architect understands the costs involved in construction and can help you to manage your budget so that you don’t over commit to a project.

A good RIBA Chartered Architect will help you make the most of your budget and design details that serve multiple purposes.

It is important to note that if you get the cheapest service, such as a plan drawer or a RIBA Chartered Practice, you won’t be able to benefit from the architectural training and protections that comes with it.

This is a false economy. A good architect will make their investment back many times over.
Selecting the right team

Many architects will advise you on how to choose contractors and what other services are needed for your project. They will get competitive quotes from qualified contractors and consultants to ensure the best possible services for a reasonable price.

They will coordinate the design process to ensure that the entire scheme is cohesive.
Key to managing your risk is an architect

The key to managing risk is the architect. They will advise you on the best contractors and also create a contract that they will manage during construction.

Contracts ensure that contractors are paid on time and that you only pay the amount of any works that were completed during the project.

The contract will cover all eventualities, including what to do if the contractor arrives late or fails to show up on the site.

It clarifies payment terms, the resolution of defects and the settlement of the final account.
Health & Safety

Your architects will also need to plan your project in a way that minimizes safety and health risks, both during construction and once you have moved in.

Your architect will monitor construction activity and identify potential risks to ensure everyone is safe. Your architect will inspect the construction and instruct you to remove or correct any unacceptable work.

They will work closely with contractors to ensure smooth operations. This includes assisting with construction efficiency and resolving any issues that could affect the program of work.