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The different types of hot tubs

The buying process for 3 person hot tubs can be difficult, particularly when you have no knowledge about hot tubs. However, you will be faced with a plethora of luxurious luxury home spas.

Before you plunge in (financially we’re talking about) In this article, we’ve given you the best shopping guide on buying a hot tub to help you make sure you’re making the most suitable investment for your needs for relaxation.

Research is the key to success.

It’s crucial to conduct your research prior to purchasing hot tubs, and the finding yourself here is a good start!

It is not a good idea to shell out thousands of dollars on a hot tub that isn’t suited to your needs.

It is worth taking the time to research the various types of hot tubs that are available will enable you to choose the most suitable one for you.

We strongly recommend that, when you begin seeking hot tubs, you buy the one you want from your local shop rather than through uncertain auction sites or websites.

There are a lot of websites out there that claim to offer luxurious hot tubs that compete with the best brands for only a fraction of the cost but many of these take advantage of established brands in manufacturing firms, with limited limitations.

Local experts are available to serve the local area, It is also in their best interests to safeguard your company’s image to offer top-quality services and products.

The right tub to choose

If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub there are several things to take into consideration:

The dimensions of the hot tub is the size of the.
The depth of the water.
The system of filtration.
Add-ons like audio or lighting systems.

There are numerous kinds of hot tubs, each with distinct styles and features, that are that can be used to meet a variety of custom-made specifications.

Check out the following article to get more details about the various kinds of hot tubs, or call us to speak with one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.
The various types of hot tubs.

To provide you with an idea of what various types of tubs that are there are, we’ve created a the following list to help you look through.

Hot tubs made of hardshell

The hardshell hot tub is the most traditional kind of hot tub. They are frequently sought-after because of their stunning designs and distinctive features. The large and powerful jets as well as the spacious interior of the hard shell hot tubs are what make them a very popular choice for homeowners.

A typical price range is PS3,000 to PS15,000

Hot tubs with a Hardshell design are built with a solid base and an internal heating system, as well as plenty of jets. These luxurious hot tubs are also available with extra features like wifi, sound systems and foam insulation to prevent the heat from leaving the tub.

Typically, the seating capacity is 2-8 persons

They typically seat between 2-8 people , however this can change. Hardshell hot tubs are constructed from various materials, including acrylic, plastic, and wood.

Benefits of a hard shell hot tub

More comfort and greater comfort. Molded seats in tubs with hard shells offer more comfort.
Better insulation – hard shell tubs are insulated because they are made of more dense material.
Durable and long-lasting , hot tubs made of hard shells are tough and long-lasting.
Excellent features – Hard shell hot tubs come with lots of amazing features, such as lighting, jets as well as sound systems. Because of their advanced design, they’re customizable with more features than the majority of hot tubs.

The disadvantages of a hard shell hot tub

High-priced – Hard shell hot tubs can be more expensive to buy however they can be cheaper in the long run.
Portable hot tubs aren’t portable and the transportation of a hot tub with a shell requires lots of planning.
High maintenance – Hard hot tubs with shells need lots of care.

Hot tubs that are wood-fired

A wood-fired hot bathtub is exactly what you’d expect it is – a wood tub that heats the water inside with a log-fired stove, rather than electricity.

The typical price range is PS1500-PS8000.

The tubs are characterized by an earthy look which is perfect for use in gardens, which makes them an ideal option for people looking for hot tubs that provide the aromatherapy of nature.

Typically, the seating capacity is 2-8 persons

Wood-fired tubs need nothing more than the burning of wood to heat the tub. For some , the scent and the sound of burning wood while being able to take a the warmth of a bath could not be more soothing outdoors.

The advantages of using wood for your hot tub

Energy savings – the sole source of heat for your water source is wood.
No chemicals – no chemicals necessary.
Low maintenance for wood-fired hot tubs. maintenance is simple and straightforward.
Faster heating Wood-fired hot tubs are able to make the water warmer faster.

The disadvantages of a wood-fired hot tub

More effort is required – it takes more effort to warm up a hot tub over an electric one.
Unstable temperature – Since heating the water is dependent on wood combustion, this could result in the temperature fluctuating like an electric hot tub.
More uncomfortable – many wooden hot tubs come with walls and benches that are hard so they’re not as relaxing like a traditional padded hot tub.

Hot tubs that can be inflatable

The inflatable hot tubs are becoming more sought-after due to their lower cost and their portability. Contrary to traditional hot tubs that is fixed in a single location all year long, inflatable hot tubs can be compressed and utilized in various places at times that work for your needs.

Typically, the space can accommodate 2-4 persons.

Price range typical: PS500-PS4000

Benefits of having inflatable hot tubs

A cost-effective inflatable hot tub can provide the advantages of a hot tub for only a fraction of the cost.
Inflatable hot tubs that are space-efficient are great for smaller gardens or for those who need it to be small in space. They’re less bulky and less expensive than conventional hot tubs, and offer a greater space-efficiency.
Convenience Inflatable hot tubs can be deflated or inflated in a matter of minutes, and be kept in storage when not being used, they are a very useful alternative.
It’s easy to set up Inflatable hot tubs are simple to install and the installation process can take as little as 10 minutes, with no additional components to buy.

Advantages and disadvantages of an inflatable hot tub

Not as comfy – inflatable hot tubs typically do have no seats, making it more of paddling pools.
More expensive running costs for inflatable hot tubs Inflatable hot tubs require more time to warm up, resulting in higher operating costs.
Insufficient insulation – inflatable hot tubs are not able to maintain the heat in the same way as traditional hot tubs.

In-ground ‘custom’ hot tubs

A custom or in-ground hot tub is commonly called spa. The hot tubs you purchase are created specifically and crafted to meet the needs of your.

A custom-built hot tub in the ground can be built according to the specifications of your design and size specifications.

A majority will be built into ground or constructed as part of an entire complex in one form or another.

The typical price range is PS6000+

Benefits of custom in-ground hot tubs

Customized design – when you purchase an individual hot tub, you decide on the features you would like the hot tub to come with and also the colors and overall look. Customized hot tubs can be more appealing than standard hot tubs since they can be customized to suit the style you prefer.
Lower installation costs in-ground hot tubs are simpler to install when they are installed with an in-ground pool, and it can reduce labour and installation costs.
Low-profile – A custom-built in-ground hot tub features an extremely low profile contrast to conventional hot tubs since these tubs can blend in with the surroundings.

The disadvantages of custom-built hot tubs

Costly to install, although it’s possible to build an in-ground hot tub alongside an existing pool, it’s nonetheless more expensive than buying an ordinary hot tub.
Costs of running are higher In-ground hot tubs consumes more energy and that can increase overall running expenses.
A smaller number of jets. In-ground hot tubs don’t typically come with as many jets as above-ground spas, with some having less than 10 jets.

What features in a hot tub are I looking for?

There are many hot tub features to pick from, and the one thing you don’t want to do is buy unnecessary features you don’t require or want.

We’ll go over some of the most popular hot tub’s characteristics to assist you in making the best decision.

Air blower

Hot tubs that are traditional utilize water and air to provide the most luxurious spa experience.

Some hot tubs can start their air supply by using an outlet or switch, or air pump. An air blaster can be an individual motor that delivers air to specific jets.

What is the reason to get an air-blower?

A fan can dramatically enrich the spa experience because the amount of air pumped to the jets determines the amount of bubbles that will occur and consequently the intensity of massage.

A blower is typically an additional PS500 in addition to the cost of the hot tub. It can nevertheless be a good option when you’re looking to add a new degree in relaxation and enjoyment to the spa and benefit from hydrotherapy.

Hot tub filters

On average , people are reported to release a pint body fluid each hour when they are in a hot tub. This means that the proper filtering system is essential!

Skim filtration

The filtration process in a hot tub is vital to maintenance of the hot tub and to maintain an excellent hygiene level. Filters that are built-in are usually located in the skimmer’s grill of the hot tub. because they are constantly coming into contact with the tub’s water and dirt, it is possible for them to escape and be returned to the tub’s water when it is in use.

This is why hot tub water will never be completely pure.

Filtration using pressurised technology

In a pressurised system of filtration filtering, the filters will be placed in a canister, which is in a separate location from bathing water.

Why choose pressurised filtration?

When considering hot tubs, choosing to buy a pressurised filter system is suggested since the pressurised filtration system is not connected to the water, which implies that when dirt gets stuck inside the filter it is unable to escape.

A pressure-controlled filtration system makes the maintenance of hot tubs much more simple.

Built-in heaters

To allow the hot tub to keep the same temperature, which is always in use and doesn’t require an indefinite wait to heat up it, it needs an internal heater.

The typical hot tub heaters run about 3kw. They take approximately 10 to 20 hours to warm up an old-fashioned hot tub. It could take more when the weather is bad.

What is the reason a high-quality built-in heater so important?

A built-in heater can keep the temperature of your hot tub at the correct temperature and will keep it there. A high-quality heater for your hot tub will allow you to get the best from your hot tub over the long term.

Pumps, jets, and pumps

Hot tub jets pump out water into the spa and determine the pressure in the water which creates the most relaxing spa experience.

Pumps move water through the jets, and in turn allow the hot spa to work. Without pumps the hot tub will be just a paddling pool.

The fact that you have a number of jets does not mean that your spa will feel more luxurious however having a decent quantity of jets can improve the massage.

In assessing the power and quantity of the pumps as well as the size and location of the jets are essential to having a great spa experience.