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What are the Different Types of Impact Door Styles

It might seem that impact doors must be made from solid steel in order to withstand flying debris and high winds. Impact doors offer the same advantages as impact windows, but they are not made of solid steel. This is a crucial consideration when considering a patio or sliding glass door for your house. These doors contain a lot glass and must be weatherproofed to ensure safety.

ETO doors-impact doors can be used to replace bulky shutters. They are extremely strong regardless of their high glass content. The impact glass in a sliding door can withstand the impact of a lumber 2X4 at speeds of over 30 mph.

Modern Impact Doors Available in Various Styles

Impact doors don’t need to be ugly in order to be safe.

Metal Doors

For the most vulnerable areas of the country, aluminum or stainless steel doors are good options. These doors can withstand heavy winds, hurricanes and the flying debris that tornadoes create.

Steel doors can be crafted to resemble handpicked wood grain by mimicking the texturing. Steel doors are often chosen for security, but they can also be installed easily with bonded hinges.

Fiberglass Doors

Because fiberglass molds easily, designers and manufacturers love it. The best part? You can get the door frame you want without worrying about it becoming distorted or warped. Fiberglass is easy to clean.

A fiberglass wood frame is a great way to increase curb appeal. It can be used to make a single fiberglass front door, or two doors that swing out.

Impact glass is used in fiberglass doors to provide all the protection against severe weather.

Sliding Glass Doors

Because they create seamless connections between indoor and outdoor spaces, sliding glass doors are very popular in the tropical regions of the country. Impact sliding doors are energy efficient, secure, and allow for a surprising number of customization options.

French Doors

Millions of homeowners choose French doors as a stylish option for their home when renovating or buying a home. French doors are more versatile, affordable, and durable than you might think.

You can use impact French doors to seperate the indoors from patios, verandas and pool areas. You can use them to divide two rooms in your interior to maximize space.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors can be used to separate a patio or terrace from an indoor area. You can get insulated-laminated glasses for an amazing level of protection from the elements.

Bifold impact doors open at two points. They allow natural light to enter the home, without sacrificing curb appeal or energy efficiency.


You can make entry doors from any material (fiberglass or metal), and they can also be used as back doors or side doors. Your entryway doors should have a layer laminated glass to keep them weatherproof.

Impact windows and doors are made from heavy-duty frames of aluminum or vinyl. Each can also have an inner laminated layer for protection.