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When should scaffold towers be inspected?

There is a variety of scaffold towers available on the market, from basic DIY towers to more complicated structures that are used in trade. For DIY enthusiasts at home A mobile scaffold tower can be a breeze to use and doesn’t require any technical expertise.

If, however, it is used to perform professional work or if the structure is greater in size it is required to comply with you must follow Work at Height Regulations states that all persons working at height needs to be proficient using the appropriate equipment, and be able to demonstrate their competence. There are scaffold towers available that are suitable for both homeowners who are looking for alternatives to ladders and professionals who require scaffold towers for their day-today job.

When should scaffolding towers be examined?

Anyone who uses a scaffolding tower should check it on a regular basis as necessary to ensure safety. When it is likely to fall 2m or more, you must perform inspections following assembly or any significant change prior to use, and after any event that might affect the stability of the tower or its structural strength.

If you are building a tower that is possible to fall a height that is less than 2m, inspection requirements differ slightly. The tower should be inspected following installation and before using it, and following any event that may affect its structural or stability and at intervals that are appropriate according to how often you use it as well as the conditions under the environment in which it is utilized.

Do you require stabilisers to scaffold towers 2.5m or less high?

This is contingent on the instructions of the manufacturer for the size of the tower you’re creating. The classic 3:1 rule for the ratio of the tower’s height to base dimensions doesn’t work anymore in the determination of how sturdy a scaffold tower is. The base measurements are determined using an intricate calculation in EN1004 which takes into consideration a number of different factors. One way to determine whether stabilisers are required and the size of stabilisers are required is to search for it in the instructions of the manufacturer’s list of the components. It is crucial to remember that you must install stabilisers as soon as you can during the building process and remove them at time of taking them down.

What do you do if there is more height on your tower, or want to reduce height?

In general, the only method to alter the elevation of mobile scaffolding tower is by using the appropriate height of end frames.

Yes, everyone can make use of a scaffolding tower, however it is contingent on the way they plan to utilize it. If you’re looking to purchase an option to build at home using a DIY method, you can follow the step-by-step instructions. But, if you’re looking for a bigger scale scaffold tower for more sophisticated use, you must be skilled and proficient when using scaffold towers and have some prior experience. Find the ideal scaffold tower for you and your requirements for a reasonable cost when you buy from us. Don’t miss this amazing deal now.