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Wooden Sash Windows

Wooden sash windows have been a design classic since the 17th century, and their legendary design remains appealing in homeowners all around the world, but especially here in the UK. Since fresh thermally insulated sash windows are found, they’re not only popular for their appearance. What are the benefits of wooden sash windows?

  1. The Aesthetics – They look beautiful. Whether on a period Georgian town house or perhaps a country cottage, a sash window contributes character and desirability to a property.
  2. That wide open perception – old sash windows were often stuck shut or difficult to open. New sash windowpanes slide open effortlessly, allowing an open, airy perception to an area on a warm day.
  3. Noise insulation – aided by the draught proof technology with high-quality double glazed panes & bars, noisy street and traffic sounds are essentially eliminated.
  4. Spend less on heating bills – And also improved noise insulation, the winter insulation of new VPSS windows is amazing. Estimates show that heating bills on an average house could be cut down by as much as 41%
  5. Improved security – Sash windows comply with the latest industry standards on security and may be locked for peace of brain.
  6. Long lasting – All repairs as well as installations have an assurance for 5 seasons. In case your rubber sash windows are cared for and taken care of, they must last a long time.
  7. Low maintenance – With no fiddly small parts to replace and with basic designs to clean and maintain, sash windows do not call for a lot of maintenance. Just clean with soapy h2o, and occasionally repaint the frame.
  8. Bespoke service – Regardless of what size windows you’re looking for, sash windows are custom made as well as fit to millimetre perfection.
  9. Improve the importance of your property – Boost the’ curb appeal’ of your property with sash windows and increase money to the estimated value. Among the essential things which homebuyers look for first is attractive windows.

The benefits of wooden sash windows seem apparent, but if you need any a lot of info, please get in touch.