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The Pros and Cons of Getting Fitted For Golf Clubs

If you’ve played golf for some time (at at least two years) you’ve got that the solution to this commonly -asked question: should I be fitted to play golf? The answer is a clear yes!

If you’re new to the game, trying to decide if truly want to continue playing… it’s more uncertain. Since until you’re properly fit for clubs, it’s impossible to know if you’re going to be successful in this particular game. The borrowing of Uncle Charlie’s old sets, or purchasing a set of boxed clubs on the rack in one of the large box shops will provide you an assortment of clubs to play with however, unless you’re fortunate (and I’m talking about VERY) the clubs could be too long and short, too rigid, and too flexible something that isn’t right for your swing and you.

If you’re fit for your clubs, the club’s length as well as weight, the shaft’s flex, lie angle and the grip’s size will be all matched with your swing. An individual session with a fitter should last about an hour at a minimum. Through testing and switching between a variety of club heads and shafts, an experienced fitter will be able to discover the right club for your swing.

Where can you go for fittings for your club? There are many golf pros who provide a club fitter service to members of the public and their members. (I strongly discourage being fitted in one of the major retail golf shops. If they do not have a professional on the premises, you are likely to be fitted by a salesperson.)

Make use of Demo Days at local golf clubs. Explore a range of the products of the manufacturers of clubs and determine which you prefer and which do not.

What is the cost of a fitting for a club cost? The biggest issue I’ve heard of golfers is fitting for clubs can be costly. This is especially true when you choose to purchase the entire set of clubs from wedges to driver. However, you don’t need to purchase the entire set straight away. Purchase a single club that is suitable for you and then test it.

If you aren’t seeing any improvements in your performance then go back to the clinic and ask for a correction or guidance on what you’re experiencing in your swing. Most likely If you’ve been equipped for your club, you’ll be satisfied with the results.

What is the cost? The cost of fitting will usually be waived if you buy at minimum one club. There is a major benefit – the golf fitter will be there for the club you purchased. If anything goes wrong the fitter will correct it.

How often should you be fitted for your clubs? purchasing a golf club one at a go or the whole set is not an “once completed” thing. When you improve and play, your swing will alter. As you grow larger, heavier, older thinner, and fatter …. your swing might alter. If you feel your game is off track then it’s an appropriate time to conduct a fitting test. Determine what clubs are you have in your bag match your swing.

Bottom Line Pros & Cons

The pros are: Your clubs will complement your swing, you’ll shoot more efficiently and have greater confidence If you miss a bad shot, the problem isn’t in your club.

There are cons: it requires time, money and dedication towards the task. It’s not a huge “con” If you truly desire to get better. If you play using the old clubs that Uncle Charlie used to play with, you won’t find out if you’re able to be better. Are the issues in your swing or with your club? It’s impossible to tell.